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March 2019

Best Practice For Contaminated Land

In March 2019 ABGs Goran Erak was invited to be part of the panel at the Environmental Industries Commision round table event "Towards Best Practice in Contaminated Land".

The event was hosted at the AECOM Glasgow office, with the aim of bringing together companies across the process of land remediation, from contract to delivery, and facilitate an open and productive discussion on how policy is impacting upon the contaminated land remediation sector, and what would allow delivery of more cost-efficient, higher quality remediation solutions. Goran led the discussion around using advanced geosynthetic solutions for land remediation.

If you would like to know more about how geosynthetics such as Pozidrain can mitigate the residual risk when the viability of remedial methods is no longer cost effective, contact us to book a seminar for your office.

For help and guidance on which product suits your requirement please contact our technical advisors on 01484 852096 or by email on enquiries@abgltd.com

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