Duravit Presents Tempano - the new Tempano shower tray series

March 2019

Tempano - when a surface makes an impression

Duravit presents the new Tempano shower tray series - seamless, comfortable, and in a pared-down design, in perfect harmony with contemporary bathrooms.

The geometry of the shower tray follows a linear slope that ensures a high drainage rate, especially when using large shower heads or rain shower heads. The drain is concealed to the side under a matching cover and thus enables a comfortable shower experience. In addition, the ultra-hygienic outlet is easy to access and therefore also to clean. Tempano shower trays are made from acrylic, which offers a number of benefits: it has a high-gloss, white finish like ceramic, is pleasant to the touch because it takes on the ambient temperature, and has a robust surface. All models are optionally available with the "Anti-slip" coating. Thanks to this transparent but noticeable coating, feet gain a more secure grip in the shower for added safety when showering. The shower tray can be installed flush with the floor, semi-recessed or on the floor tiles depending on structural factors and personal preference. Particularly when installed flush with the floor, the impression is of absolute spaciousness within the room. Combined with 27 different sizes, the ideal solution can be found for almost any new-build and renovation project.

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