No More Muddy Boots With Breakfast!

February 2019

The Red Lion Truck Stop based at Weedon in Northamptonshire is a very popular place with truck drivers as it offers excellent facilities and food.

However, this success meant the parking surface had deteriorated after many years of heavy traffic. Drivers had complained about the "roller coaster ride" in the parking area, not enough space to accomodate all the vehicle, and muddy boots making floors in the restaurant area and driver cabs dirty.

The owners decided as part of a planned expansion to invest in improving the running surface. ABG were invited to assess the site and propose a solution which improved the surface and addressed problematic soft spots while still allowing surface water to infiltrate thus avoiding the need for other SuDS attenuation measures. Following a site visit by Phil Allen, our Permeable Paving Technical Manager, and Richard Heritage, one of our Geotechnical Engineers, we developed a permeable paving solution incorporating Truckcell and Gridtex

Truckcell is a heavy duty permeable paving system which is robust yet lightweight which makes it fast and easy to install. It is able to withstand the turning, braking and loading forces applied by HGV manoeuvres. Truckcell is manufactured from recycled plastic, and is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Gridtex is a high performance stabilisation geotextile which provides both separation and stabilisation for soft soil areas and at the same time reducing aggregate layers and related costs.

An opportunity arose at short notice for the work on the 8,000 sq metre area to be completed during the Christmas holiday period. Despite the short notice ABG were able to supply all the material required, and the surfacing work was completed without affecting other phases of the expansion and improvments, which meant Red Lion customers suffered minimal disruption.

The expanded and improved area accommodates 170 HGVs on a clean and dry smooth surface, allowing drivers to access the excellent facilites and eat the famous Red Lion breakfast without getting muddy boots all over their cab.

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