An Introduction to Mardome Rooflights

January 2019

An Introduction to Mardome Rooflights

30th October 2018

Did you know that at the National Domelight Company, we are approved suppliers of Mardome rooflights? We don’t just supply our own brands – we also supply rooflights from other leading brands, ensuring you have plenty of choice when making your selection. Here, we give you a brief introduction to the Mardome ranges we supply, so you understand more about your choices and what the Mardome range can do for you.
Mardome Trade range

These rooflights feature a low-rise profile and excellent insulation, achieving U-values of just 1.8 W/m²K. There are various sizes available, and you can select a triple or quad skin to create the best possible insulation and minimise the risk of condensation. The range is a great option for tradespeople who need rooflights that are available quickly, in a variety of standard sizes.

Mardome Ultra range A design-led range, Mardome Ultra rooflights are slimline, modern and stylish. The low-rise dome is framed with aluminium, available with a silver anodised finish or a powder coating in any standard RAL colour. The Longlife polycarbonate glazing can be double, triple of quad skinned, and there is also the option for double glazed inner glass.
Mardome Reflex range

The Mardome Reflex range is made up of glazing-only units, intended for refurbishment projects where the whole rooflight doesn’t need to be replaced. This makes the range popular with our trade customers, who will often use these rooflights as part of a larger project. The dome is made from FSX Longlife polycarbonate, making it a strong and reliable option.
Mardome circular range

A distinctive rooflight style, Mardome circular is perfect for creating a unique appearance whilst also offering plenty of natural light. The dome is available with single, double or triple skin, and all rooflights come with a robust GRP kerb. We can supply these rooflights in standard sizes from 600mm through to 1800mm in diameter.