Its all in the details

November 2018

Some glass balustrades simply involve repeated panels of glass fixed into the correct position. Easy! But when your requirements are less straightforward it’s important to commission a glass specialist who can achieve a fully bespoke result.
Ion Glass regularly install balustrades in complex situations where the result is not only impressive but meets a wide range of other criteria too.
Heritage buildings: Glass balustrades offer an ideal solution in heritage environments, meeting contemporary functionality with minimal impact on the original architecture of the building. But it’s likely you’ll need to consider the interface of glass with hand-hewn stone, the position of ancient wooden beams or how best to manage the fixing points without damage to the building.
Curves: A curved balustrade is intrinsically more difficult, especially when it involves glass balustrading to a spiral staircase. Ion’s technical team will manage the complex measurements and calculations, commission the glass from specialist manufacturers and undertake the installation….ensuring the result is fully compliant as well as beautiful.
Difficult interfaces: Sometimes it’s the interface between straight and curved glass that makes all the difference, or a seamless result that transitions from channel set balustrading to bolt fixed panels or spans of glass balustrade that smoothly accommodates a change in levels.
Finishes: The final finish makes all the difference, whether it’s a bespoke handrail in wood, stainless steel or even leather; fixings individually manufactured, coloured or coated; or an applied manifestation to add the finishing touch to the glass.
Every project we undertake is unique. Contact us to discuss your non-standard glass balustrade…or any other structural glass requirement that needs a bespoke result.

For more information on curved or straight balustrades (both internal and external) glass entrance ways, glass screens, glass doors, glass linkways or other bespoke structural glass call us on 0345 658 9988, send us an email via or click on the enquiry form on our website

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