Introducing FILCOTEN® One: five elements that make it future-proof

November 2018

Effective water management is essential to ensure the smooth and safe operation of our highways. And with increasing traffic volumes and our changing climate, it has never been more important.

Meeting this challenge has underpinned the development FILCOTEN® One – manufactured using a breakthrough High Performance Concrete (HPC) and fibre composite that has set new standards for installed performance and environmental sustainability.

The new FILCOTEN® One mono-block drainage channel system is the latest product innovation to exploit the many benefits of this unique material.

Here’s just five reasons why it’s the next move in highway water management.

1: Strength

FILCOTEN® One’s unique fibre and mineral blend gives an exceptionally high strength to volume ratio. The channel structure is capable of withstanding loadings 70% above those required by the British Standard.

2: Adhesion

Designed to have a very slight surface porosity, FILCOTEN® One achieves at least a five times stronger bond to its bedding than any other drainage material, irrespective of the installation taking place in dry or wet conditions.

3: Thermal Expansion

FILCOTEN® One’s HPC mix gives it a thermal expansion identical to bedding concrete. With no differential expansion, both the installed bond and the water-tightness of the channel run are preserved.

4: Stability

Material deterioration due to frost/thaw cycling is negligible. The surface properties of FILCOTEN® One allow it to withstand extreme variations in temperature with no loss in mass, performance or longevity – even in the presence of de-icing chemicals and salts.

5: Sustainability

It wouldn’t be future-proof if it didn’t consider the environment.

FILCOTEN® One is free of heavy metals, VOCs, styrene and other toxic additives. Nothing harmful is released when it’s cut or machined. Fully recyclable, it achieves the highest possible ratings for environmental performance.

Want to find out more? We’ll be launching FILCOTEN® One at Highways UK at the NEC Birmingham on 7th and 8th November 2018. We’ll also be bringing along our complete range of highway drainage solutions to future-proof water management. Find us at stand C16, alongside AquaSpira.