NWS UK - What Makes CladPanel Elite A Superior Rigid PVC Sheet?

November 2018

What Makes CladPanel Elite A Superior Rigid PVC Sheet?

Our CladPanel Elite rigid PVC sheet deserves to be in the spotlight. That is because it lives up to its name, delivering world-class quality at a great, low price. If you use rigid PVC sheet, you will be interested to know what sets our Elite product apart.

In today’s blog post, we will be exploring the benefits of CladPanel Elite. We will also be sharing its specifications – so you can compare them with those of the brand you currently use. As the UK’s premier independent bulk distributor of PVC sheet, we have developed our exclusive range to meet the needs of trades and consumers. This is because we recognise that quality helps our clients stand out from the crowd by keeping their customers happy.

CladPanel Elite rigid PVC sheet benefits

The first thing you will notice about our CladPanel Elite rigid PVC sheet is its smooth gloss finish. It oozes quality, making it especially suitable for hygienic environments and for decorative projects. Not surprisingly, it is the first choice for a growing number of internal cladding installers. They fit this product in high-risk environments, including hospitals, laboratories, storage facilities and kitchens. To protect the important smooth finish during transit and installation, we supply the product in a protective film.

This rigid PVC sheet has a Class 1 fire resistance rating and is available in a range of lengths and thicknesses.

Properties include:

Density [g/cm³ - DIN EN ISO 1183 - 1,44 – 1,46
Tensile strength [MPa] - ISO 527 (50mm/min) - 2
Tensile modulus of elasticity [MPa] - ISO 527 (50mm/min) - 3000
Impact resistance [kj/m²] (Charpy) - ISO 179/1eU - o.B.
Flexural strength [MPa] - ISO 178 (2mm/min) - 73
Flexural modulus of elasticity [MPa] - ISO 178 (2mm/min) - 2750
Shore-Hardness D - ISO 868 - 78
Coefficient of expansion [10⁴ /K] - DIN 53 752 - 7·10⁻ ⁵
Vicat-Softening point [°C] - ISO 306 (B 50) - 72
Heat distortion temperature [°C] - ISO 75-2 (1,8 Mpa) - 60
Water absorption [%] - ISO 62 (after 216h) - 0.1

Buy CladPanel Elite rigid PVC sheet from NWS-UK Limited

We are the only bulk distributor in the UK supplying CladPanel Elite hygienic wall cladding sheet. That is because we are the sole distributor for its world-leading manufacturer in this country. Discover more about this product and others in our range by visiting our website.

If you would like a no obligation quote or want to find our about opening a trade account, please email us at sales@nws-uk.co.uk

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