Althon Bespoke Precast Outfall Structures

September 2018

Althon supply bespoke outfall structures for site specific requirements or extremely large culvert or pipework. This image is of large precast concrete sections produced for an RSPB project at Wallasea Island, Southend.

This structure has been retro fitted with two large HDPE flap valves, two smaller HDPE flap valves and a penstock with stainless steel frame. A galvanised steel pedestrian barrier and precast staircase were also added to the structure.

We worked closely with the designer and contactor to produce this precast solution in an environmentally sensitive area. The use of precast concrete dramatically reduced the amount of concrete that had to be poured on site (which could potentially contaminate the water in the surround area) and resulted in a very fast and safe installation

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