ACO CivicDrain and StormBrixx specified for Oxfordshire barn conversion

September 2018

Barn conversions are one of the most coveted homes in Britain, and have become a popular feature on the property rental site, Airbnb. Looking to attract tourists to their working farmhouse in picturesque Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire, the owners contacted ACO to implement an effective water management solution for the site.

The owners of Brasenose Farmhouse, Kate and Carl Tomlinson, were looking to convert their barn into two ground floor apartments. These would be used for family when they came to visit, but also as a holiday rental property available on Airbnb. Kate and Carl currently run a smallholding and the new barn conversion would make a perfect side-project. One of the key components they had
to consider was the appropriate management of surface water run-off in the courtyard and driveway areas. So they called on the expertise of ACO Water Management to find a solution to meet the specific project requirements.

ACO assessed the area and recommended a solution that incorporated a channel drainage and attenuation and infiltration system.

ACO CivicDrain was installed at the base of a 105m2 driveway, which leads down a steep incline to the parking area of the house. The drainage channel was particularly suitable for this project due to its exceptional hydraulic capacity, effectively dealing with surface water run-off from the gradient at the base of a driveway.
What’s more, ACO CivicDrain is a C 250 system, suitable for light to medium duty traffic applications, another important factor for the barn as 4x4 vehicles are regularly used in and around the
farm. As well as being installed at the bottom of the driveway, it was also fitted along the left of the driveway where the apartments can be accessed via a pathway to the courtyard area.