Crittall at Duxford Airfield ‘then and now’

August 2018

Crittall Windows still stand strong at Duxford Airfield hangars almost 100 years on. The hangers, built in 1917 were used during WW2, and managed to withstand German air raids. Duxford airfield was built during the First World War and was one of the earliest Air Force stations. After the war, Duxford was one of the few airfields left open, used as a training school and later a fighting station.

Not only did these windows survive a war, they also survived the blowing up of an adjacent hangar for a Hollywood film. Battle of Britain, a famous 1960’s film depicting the lives of RAF men, was hugely popular and well-known. The film was partly filmed at Duxford, with a hangar being blown up for a scene in the movie, and somehow the windows adjacent still stand. Not only does this show the longevity of Crittall, it also shows our place in history which still stands strong.

To mark the 100th anniversary of the RAF and 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain film, we felt it appropriate to share some of our archived then and now photos of the Duxford Airfield Crittall hangars.