Is an Access Hatch the Right Option for you?

July 2018

Is an Access Hatch the Right Option for you?

14th June 2018

An access hatch is in many ways the same as a hinged rooflight, opening up to give ventilation. The main difference is that it will open up further, often to around 85°, to allow access for a person. This can make an access hatch a practical option for businesses of all kinds. You will often need access to the roof area for maintenance and checks, and an access hatch will allow for this.

You will be able to choose from a manual hinged option or an electric hinged option, which is a choice that will be dependent on the price you want to pay and the accessibility of the area. If your access hatch is high up, which will often be the case, then it might be a more practical decision to have an electric rooflight instead. You will then be able to control it using a remote control system. This will give you the option to open it up easily for natural ventilation as well.

At The National Domelight Company, we offer the following access hatch ranges:

Astroglaze glass access hatches
• Available from 780mm x 780mm to 1380mm x 1380mm. Choose from a white or grey finish that is polyester powder coated.

Stardome access hatch rooflights
• These access hatches can also be used as a rooflight, with 85° opening. A handle is used to secure the rooflight from the inside, so it will remain open when needed.

Starglaze access hatch rooflights
• Again, you can use these as a joint access hatch and a rooflight to let in more light and bring in natural ventilation.

Thermadome access hatch rooflights
• These hinged access frames will open up to 85° to allow easy access to roof areas. Thermadome upstands are available, or you can mount them onto existing upstands.

Thermalight access hatch rooflights
• This is a sliding rooflight as opposed to one with a hinges. The telescopic sliding mechanism makes it easy to open, for access or ventilation.

The decision is always going to be individual, and it is one to take seriously. Access hatches can help you meet buildings regulations obligations, as well as creating a more pleasant environment.