Myson Extends LST Radiator Range

July 2018

Myson Extends LST Range

MYSON have expanded their popular Low Surface Temperature radiator
(LST) range from 60 to 90 stocked sizes, making it one of the largest stocked panel LST ranges on the UK market.

The range is available in three types, Super, Super Extra and Super Plus, with four different heights ranging from 572mm to 972mm.

MYSON offer lengths from 420mm through to 2200mm which are currently the slimmest and widest LST lengths on the UK panel LST market, making the range more flexible for those applications where space is a premium or where high heat outputs are required.

The MYSON LST is one of the UK’s most popular LST panel radiators as it complies fully with NHS Estates Guidance Notes 1998 ensuring a low surface temperature of 43 °C.

The extended range maintains the same aesthetic look with the LST casing having smooth, rounded edges and corners making it an attractive and stylish option. But at the same time maintaining a safety element which reduces the likelihood of injuries. The MYSON LST is therefore, ideal for hospital, care home, social housing and school applications.

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