National Domelight Hinged Rooflights for Better Ventilation

May 2018

When people purchase rooflights, they might be concerned about the temperature difference. We are often asked whether a rooflight will change a room’s temperature, and whilst coatings can be used on the glass to make a room cooler, ventilation is always going to be better controlled with a hinged rooflight. You will be able to control the rooflight’s opening function either manually or electrically, meaning rooflights can also be placed in high ceilings.

Solarglaze Electrically HingedGlass RooflightThese are some of the main reasons why people choose hinged rooflights:

Temperature control. Good ventilation helps to cool down your home during warmer months – hinged rooflights are the perfect summer home improvement product. You will have full control over how much your rooflight is open.
Less humidity. Hinged rooflights are good to use in warm, humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms, because they will let the steam escape. This means you don’t have to waste energy using an extractor fan, which is better for the environment and for your energy bills.
Aesthetics. Many hinged rooflights feature a flat glass design, which is modern and contemporary. If you prefer, you can choose a domed construction as well. • Fresh air. You can bring a breeze into your home, helping to control the temperature in summer months and making it feel fresher.
A range of features. You can control your hinged rooflights in different ways, such as with remote controls and wall switches. It is also possible to install features like wind, rain and temperature sensors.
Good security. People sometimes worry that a hinged rooflight is less secure than a flat fixed rooflight. However, with modern technology, a hinged rooflight can be incredibly secure and will lock into place, meaning your property is well protected against break ins.

Seven of our own National Domelight Company brands feature hinged rooflights:


These have a range of different features and are suitable for various budgets.