Jacksons Anti Trap Bow Top provides safety and security for Keyworth Primary School

May 2018


Barbican® Imperial fencing and gates
Anti Trap Bow Top fencing and gates


Keyworth Primary School is a favoured educational centre in the heart of Kennington. The school supports over 400 pupils ranging from three to eleven years old throughout nursery and primary education. The school encourages a sporting culture that enables children to play and enjoy themselves, investing in state of the art outdoor facilities, such as an artificial sports pitch and playground.

Situated in a populated urban area, the school required high security perimeter fencing to protect the site from intruders and ensure children and staff were safe at all times. Furthermore, measures needed to be taken to make certain that the children were secured within the playground during sports and leisure activities.

Jacksons installed 90m of their specially designed 1m high Anti Trap Bow Top fencing and gates around the school’s play area to provide a safe and secure outdoor environment. A key feature of Anti Trap Bow Top is the wider gap between each hoop above the top rail to prevent children and infants from getting their heads or limbs stuck between the pales.

Additionally, 15m of 2m high Barbican® Imperial fencing and gates were installed around the outer boundary of the playground to secure the school’s perimeter and create greater access control into the site. Barbican is a unique vandal-proof fence offering an anti-climb design with a similar pale spacing to the Bow Top to prevent the trapping of limbs. The fencing was decorated with a blue polyester powder coated finish to provide an attractive and more welcoming appearance that matches the school’s existing artificial playing surface, guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years.