TROX Demand Based Room Control Strategy with X-AIRCONTROL

May 2018

TROX - Up with Comfort, Down with Costs. Demand Based Room Control Strategy with X-AIRCONTROL

Increasingly demanding requirements on energy efficiency as well as the latest EU regulations have created a need for intelligent control engineering solutions in room air conditioning. TROX has combined its know-how from all divisions of air distribution technology and developed an energy-efficient overall system: X-AIRCONTROL. The integration of the X-CUBE air handling unit, volume flow controllers, heating and cooling components, and air-water systems into an overall system offers huge economic and ecological benefits.

The system's main focus is on the individual, demand-based control of air volume flow rate and water circulation for a room. Measuring and evaluating the temperature, air quality, humidity level and occupancy not only improve air quality and comfort in a zone, but also drive costs down.

The modular structure of X-AIRCONTROL is a crucial advantage. The system can be used to control single rooms, but also be expanded to link and individually control up to 125 zones. No matter what type of system is installed, an all-air system or a combination with air-water components, X-AIRCONTROL will always ensure the control optimum. Yet no complex installation procedures are required to install the system; instead, it provides plug and play functions to make digital connections and supply voltage to each volume flow controller. Parameter setting and monitoring of the demand-based room control is easy due to the intuitive navigation with mobile devices such as a notebook, tablet or smartphone. Using TROX ventilation and air conditioning components in combination with the demand-based room control X-AIRCONTROL reduces interface issues and minimises data point costs for the integration with the central BMS.

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