Relcross Door Closers Keep Brewery Warm

April 2018

When Hillside Brewery in Gloucestershire realised that the doors to their upstairs patio weren't closing properly, with consequent loss of heat and escape of noise into the local area, something had to be done. The doors are exposed to the elements and, on windy days, the door closers originally fitted just weren't good enough for the job. The doors open outwards and the prevailing wind is inclined to keep them open rather than blow them shut.

As it turned out, the solution was simple. They contacted Relcross in Devizes and subsequently fitted a couple of LCN 4110 Smoothee®. This is LCN's best performing heavy duty closer designed specifically for institutional and other rugged, high traffic applications. It suits perimeter doors to 1067mm wide and a maximum weight of 136 kilos (300lbs). The LCN 4110 is fully adjustable through power sizes 1 to 5 and all LCN 4000 series closers have back check, closing speed and latch action hydraulic controls. The CNS arm feature stops the door at 90° on the opening arc to protect against the wind taking the door and causing damage to the door or frame or injury to anyone adjacent to the door.

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