Panorama C-ST from Dani Alu - A Revolution in Balustrade Design

March 2018

A Revolution in Balustrade Design Freestanding, Non-Penetrative Balustrade from Dani Alu Limited

‘Panorama C-ST’ a freestanding® balcony from Dani Alu offers a non-penetrative, standalone, aluminium system suitable for all styles of balconies and roof terraces.
Making flat roofs an asset

Panorama C-ST is a quick, simple and highly cost-effective solution that allows the realisation of your flat roof as an asset, giving much greater value to the building and occupiers wellbeing.

Lightweight aluminium minimises the roof load making it the perfect solution for both newbuild and retrofit projects.
Innovative Design

Using our patented system utilising baluster plates results in the balustrade not requiring any penetration through the roof membrane and creates no sound transmission or thermal bridging through the roof.

Made from 100% aluminium, there is no risk of rust, decay or denaturing over time. Furthermore, the use of aluminium allows the system to be lightweight and modular, making design and installation simple for any project requirement.
Straightforward installation

Panorama C-ST can be installed independently of the roofing works, although it is particularly suited to integration with green roof systems and roof terraces. This non-penetrative approach enables Panorama to be installed without invalidating any existing roofing warranties

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