Refreshed and renewed - a new look and a new website for SE Controls

March 2018

With the continued growth in UK markets combined with significant business developments in its international operations, smoke control and environmental ventilation specialist, SE Controls has undertaken a corporate brand refresh and launched a new website to better represent the company’s global operations and activities over the next 5 years.

The brand refresh and new logo incorporate a series of subtle updates to the existing 37 year old design, rather than adopting any radical changes, so that it is still clearly recognisable as ‘SE Controls’ but with a more contemporary look and feel.

As part of the design process, SE Controls has also clearly defined the scope of its expertise into three core disciplines of ‘Product manufacture; Fire safety solutions and Facade engineering’. To reflect this, the corporate brand guidelines have also been completely updated so that they can be used and interpreted readily by the company’s international offices and sales operations.

A key part of the refreshed design has been the simultaneous development and launch of a completely new website which not only allows the brand to be visible to a global audience, but also makes significant improvements over the previous website’s functionality, navigation and content.

The entire website has been redesigned and re-configured to ensure it is simple and intuitive to navigate, which allows visitors to find the information they need quickly. While the new website retains key information, such as brochure downloads, documentation, project case studies and CPDs, together with BIM data and NBS specification clauses, this is all grouped under a single ‘Resources’ link, which makes it easier to find and includes additional data pages, such as FAQs and Video Library.

Information on SE Controls’ extensive product range is also grouped under a dedicated ‘Products’ link on the main page navigation bar, which enables easy access to details for specification and installation purposes. In addition, dedicated navigation is provided for key external audiences, which include architects & consultants; contractors; systems companies and fabricators, as well as building owners and facilities managers.

Will Perkins, Group Managing Director of SE Controls, explained: “Over the past 37 years, we have grown from a local company importing and installing products in the UK to a truly global group of companies with offices and export partners across the world. It became clear over the past 18 months that our website was coming to the end of its useful life, as the requirement for new information and increasing levels of product data meant that the existing platform was in danger of restricting our ability to respond and adapt to global business demands.

He added: “To address this we’ve taken the initiative of updating our corporate identity and given our website a radical overhaul which better represents the progressive, dynamic and responsive nature of SE Controls and the need to provide high quality intelligent information for key audience groups.”

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