BILCO NEW! Sliding Skylight Smoke Vent

March 2018

The SKY-ACCESS roof hatch and skylight provides convenient access to roof areas while providing the added benefits of natural daylight to the area below. The innovative sliding cover design features an electric actuator that opens the cover in a smooth and controlled motion with just one push of a button.

The unique sliding cover design does not require wind deflectors for smoke ventilation and features a rigid PVC frame with external metal profiles. Once open, the hatch provides a clear opening space of 1x1.5m enabling safe, easy ladder access to the roof area.

Built with efficiency in mind, the over-lapping design ensures complete weathertightness and the polyester upstand is fully insulated for thermal efficiency.

In addition, the SKY roof hatch is CE marked and can also be used as a ventilator for smoke ventilation protection.

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