BBA Certified Damp Proofing Solutions from Newton

February 2018

BBA Certified Damp Proofing Solutions from Newton
Newton Waterproofing Systems expands its existing Damp Proofing System with three new, BBA certified products
Tonbridge, Kent: Newton Waterproofing Systems are the oldest independent suppliers of damp proofing products in the
UK, ever since they introduced the first damp proofing membrane, Newtonite, back in 1937. The company has grown its
expertise in the treatment of structural damp problems ever since, and now their range has been further bolstered by three
new BBA certified damp proofing products to provide a comprehensive solution for the age-old problem of rising damp.
What is Rising Damp?
Rising damp is the upward flow of moisture from the ground through the capillaries in a wall. Usually reaching a maximum height of up to 1.5 metres above ground level, the effects of rising damp include the spoiling of internal finishes, erosion of the fabric of the building, a reduction in the thermal properties of the structure, and negative health effects for the occupants of the building.

As the water evaporates it also deposits moisture attracting (hygroscopic) salts in the wall. These cause more problems, as their crystallisation process can damage plaster finishes, and they also
attract moisture from the air in the internal environment, leading to further damp issues.
Once a survey has identified rising damp, the best method for stopping it is a two-part process that deals with both the source of the rising damp, and the potential for internal issues caused by the salts.
The Newton Rising Damp Solution
To prevent rising damp in new builds, the BBA certified physical damp proof membrane Newton 809-DPC is installed.
However for remedial rising damp situations this process is too expensive and impractical, so the best method is to use Newton 804-DPC to convert an existing mortar course into a new DPC. This high strength damp proofing cream works by diffusing along the mortar course before curing into a breathable and water-repellent barrier that stops the rising damp.

Next, re-plastering internally is crucial to tackling hygroscopic damp. Newton 808-RA is therefore employed as a salt resistant
render additive that prevents the passage of residual moisture and hygroscopic salts from the underlying masonry to the new internal surface. Both Newton 804-DPC and Newton 808-RA are also fully certified by the BBA.
“Our approach to our damp proofing solutions is much like how we create the best waterproofing solutions; by combining different products and therefore different lines of defence, we are able to form the most comprehensive solution possible.
Being a completely independent supplier also means that we have the freedom to go out and find the best products required to create such solutions and bring them in for our customers. The BBA certification on these three new products also epitomises the quality of our approach, as it reinforces the fact that our products have been thoroughly tested for all to see.”
Warren Muschialli, Managing Director, Newton Waterproofing Systems
In Summary
With the addition of these two new products, Newton’s Damp Proofing range now contains a comprehensive choice of products that can be utilised in different combinations dependent on the scenario. For example, Newton System 800 damp proof membranes can be used with Newton 804-DPC as an alternative to rendering with Newton 808-RA.
Collectively, the new products make it possible to deal with all forms of damp, from rising damp to penetrating damp, hygroscopic damp and condensation, and always providing the client with a BBA certified solution.