Goals Scored at Telereal Trillium

November 2017

It’s 30 years since Axis was founded in Sept 1987 as Axis (Northampton) Ltd and this is the first of a series of reminiscences by staff of projects or activities that have stuck in their minds - for one reason or another.

MD and founder Rob Brunero “kicks off” quite literally with memories of a conference and exhibition back in 2008 at Telereal Trillium, the property company that now owns and manages a £6bn portfolio with a total floor area of 86 million sq ft, and housing 1% of the UK’s workforce.

In Rob’s words, “we were invited along with a select group of partners & suppliers (I think about 10-12 in total) each to provide a novelty stand. The conference was attended by their staff (building and property managers).

The stand was very basic and consisted of an automatic sliding door and four push buttons. If you managed to hit the push button with the football, the doors parted and a message played "GOAL". If you missed and without the participant's knowledge, I pressed a hand held transmitter and a message played "WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH!" The recordings were made by a group of staff and was a reasonable replication of a small crowd.

The goal keeper was Northampton Town's Lee Harper. Once we managed to get people to participate and with the audible message turned up, we got a lot of attention. It was a good PR exercise although, as I remember it, a very expensive one!”