Are you looking for a Platform Lift Solution in the UK?

November 2017

Are you looking for a Platform Lift Solution in the UK? Then Cibes Lift UK are here to help.

Who we are:
Founded in 1947, Cibes Lift UK are a well known lift company in the UK that produce low speed high quality Swedish engineered lifts. If you would like to find out more about us, please visit our about section of the site.

What is a Platform Lift?
A platform lift is used to give ease of access to people who have difficulty walking up stairs which is relatively a low cost alternative compared to the usual conventional lift. These lifts typically go between two to four floors and can hold 1 person in a wheelchair or up to 5 people standing.

Advantages of a platform lift include:
Cost effective
Little maintenance
Can be built into existing buildings architecture
And much more

How we can help
Did you know that we offer a range of Platform Lifts for all your needs with fast installation throughout the UK? For more information about our Platform lift range, Request a free call back or download your free brochure today!

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