GF Piping Systems releases BIM library for Autodesk Revit

November 2017

Due to the industrialization of the building industry, there is a strong demand for digital collaboration across different partners in a project. This can be best achieved when project partners agree on using common standards. As one of the most important goals is to give maximum support to its customers during a design phase, GF Piping Systems offers BIM content for market leading BIM Software.

Where standard Autodesk Revit libraries for the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) Industry are generic and limited, our GF Piping Systems’ BIM content supports an engineer more accurately in the design process. It allows a designer to setup piping systems with reallife dimensions preventing errors and saving time. During an entire process, from initial concept design phase until delivery, an accurate bill of materials is available, showing detailed product information.
Customers’ benefits

Package delivery:
- Embedded bill of material
- complete assortment overview and easy copying into specific project
Real life construction length
Embedded article or product number and description
3D clearance zone

The first GF BIM library offers the content for COOL-FIT 2.0, INSTAFLEX and JRG Sanipex. GF Piping Systems products’ portfolio for Autodesk Revit will be continuously expanded further.