An Overview of our New Lunaglaze Range

September 2017

We are very pleased to be able to introduce our customers to our Lunaglaze range of rooflights. Recently launched to further meet the needs of our customers, the Lunaglaze product line focuses on value, style and convenience. We have 14 sizes in stock and available for next-day delivery. Lunaglaze products are available in a fixed design, or with electric and manual hinges. They are suitable for roof pitches from 5-15 degrees and achieve a clean, modern finish with fully-welded aluminium frames. They are available in a full range of RAL colours.

Read on to find out more about the full range of products:


This fully sealed double glazed unit is fitted with toughened glass and is designed to make excellent use of natural light. Choose the top-only solution to be installed on an existing kerb or upstand. If required, the rooflight can be supplied with a 150mm vertical upstand, made from shock-resistant PVC. PVC – Manual/ Electric Hinged Get all the benefits of Lunaglaze PVC rooflights with the added option of ventilation control. The manual hinged version comes with a manual spindle and portable winding rod, whilst the electric version is perfect for high ceiling spaces. Choose from a top-only unit or complete unit with PVC kerb/ upstand.


Choose these prefabricated aluminium framed rooflights for a modern, minimalistic finish. Lunaglaze ALU rooflights are designed to ensure excellent rainwater drainage and high thermal performance.

ALU – Manual/ Electric Hinged

The ALU hinged rooflight has a fully welded aluminium frame and sealed double glazing to make it truly energy efficient. It can be opened up to improve ventilation when required.


Bring light into those hard-to-reach places using Lunaglaze suntubes. Light is directed down reflective tubing into the space below, making suntubes perfect for small spaces and awkwardly shaped rooms.