New Astroglaze Range

April 2017

New Astroglaze Range

At The National Domelight Company, our team is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products that use all the latest technology. We have been busy updating and extending our Astroglaze range and are delighted to announce the release of our brand new 2017 product brochure, which is now available for you to view online. All Astroglaze rooflights are designed with a focus on aesthetics, insulation and easy installation. A variety of glazing options are available and all rooflights come in a white or slate grey finish as standard. Here is a summary of our current Astroglaze range:

Flat Fixed Rooflights: The stylish option for any property, we guarantee these rooflights will look aesthetically pleasing. They provide lots of natural light and with sealed double glazing, they will be thermally efficient too. We now offer one-piece flat glass rooflights in larger sizes than before.

Multi-Part and Multi-Section Rooflights: A perfect solution for larger jobs. Astroglaze multipart and sectional rooflights are easy to install without losing any of their aesthetic appeal.

Walk-On Rooflights: Use these rooflights on roof terraces, balconies and other areas that require access. Our walk-on range offers rooflights that prioritise strength whilst also bringing plenty of light into hard-to-reach places.

Access Hatches: All access hatches can be opened to around 80/90° for easy entry. Safety and security is always at the forefont. Manual Hinged Rooflights: Control ventilation and humidity in areas like kitchens with a manual hinged rooflight from Astroglaze. You can operate the unit using a manual spindle and portable winding rod.

Electric Hinged Rooflights: These rooflights will give you that little bit of extra control, making them perfect for ventilating areas with high ceilings. Smoke Vents/ AOVs: Smoke ventilation systems help to make a building safer by removing smoke and providing a safer escape route. Our range is compliant with BS EN 12101-2 regulations.