2017/18 Rooflights Product Overview

April 2017

2017/18 Rooflights Product Overview

The team at the National Domelight Company are very pleased to share with you our brand new 2017/18 product overview. It is your comprehensive guide to our extensive product range, designed to provide all the information and inspiration you need for your project.

The guide will help you to work out exactly what the requirements are for your project, so that you can approach our team to put together a full specification. Here, we have briefly summarised the contents of our product overview so you can see the unique benefits of each of our current ranges.
Polycarbonate Rooflights

Our polycarbonate range consists of Stardome and Thermadome rooflights.

The Stardome range features polycarbonate domed rooflights suitable for flat roofs. Unique benefits include short lead times, excellent thermal performacce and a wide range of sizes.

Thermadome polycarbonate rooflights are available as domes, pyramids or trapezoids. Eco kerbs are now available.
Glass Rooflights

For quality glass rooflights, choose from the Lunaglaze, Starglaze, Solarglaze and Astroglaze brands.

Lunaglaze is a brand new collection for 2017. This range consists of standard specification rooflights that can be shipped very quickly – we can offer your next day delivery if required.

Starglaze rooflights are flat double glazed units, providing a neat, high-end finish without the high prices. This range is ideal if you need to stick closely to a budget.

Solarglaze is a premium rooflight brand with a flat glass design. Units can be purchased in standard sizes or made to order. These rooflights offer outstanding thermal and acoustic properties.

Astroglaze glass rooflights are designed to please both installation professionals and end users alike. They come as single piece or multi-section units and are easy to install on site.
Roof Lanterns

Our beautiful roof lantern brands, Skylantern and Thermalight, will help you to make optimum use of natural light. They are perfect for opening up a room and providing panoramic sky views.

If you are searching for AOVs/ smoke vents or sun tubes, we have plenty of options for you as well. In addition to our own brands, we are also approved suppliers of Coxdome and Mardome and have recently extended our range, giving you numerous options for any project.