Aco Modular drainage solutions reduce costs and installation time

March 2017

Specialists such as ACO Building Drainage have developed modular drainage units that can rival bespoke options as well as reducing lead times and costs.

These modular drainage channels have been designed to meet even specialist drainage needs.

For example, specialised projects such as chemical plant rooms or food and drink processing factories may require a drainage system made of high performance materials. Equally for domestic project such as wetroom installation, an aesthetically pleasing grating may be very important.

From aesthetic concerns to performance requirements, the latest modular drainage systems offer a range of drainage channels to suit a variety of needs.

For example, for applications where corrosion-resistance and aesthetic considerations are a priority, manufactures such as ACO Building Drainage offer a wide range of stainless steel pipe and drainage channels as an alternative to PVC-u and cast iron products. Each stainless steel component is chemically passivated to ensure optimum durability and corrosion resistance.

Immensely adaptable, the latest modular linear drainage systems can be built into concrete, tiled, epoxy resin and vinyl sheeted floors, without the need for onsite fabrication. This significantly reduces the lead time needed for a project.

The wide choice of channels accommodates both simple and complex drainage systems, with a choice of straight, corner and branch channel sections available. Most drainage channels come in standard lengths between 500mm and 3,000mm and a variety of outlet options. Furthermore, all parts have been designed to be quick and easy to interconnect, simplifying the task even further.

Importantly, the modular drainage channels have been tested and approved to the appropriate building standards, such as BS EN 1433 standard for linear drainage channels for collecting and removing surface water. The high specification of these modular drainage systems means they can be used in a wide variety of areas. These include both pedestrian and vehicular areas, commercial and public sector environments.

Of course is may not always be possible to choose a modular option, but often even bespoke design can incorporate more cost-effect standard drainage channels. That's why leading drainage system manufacturers offer advanced technical advice to match the advances in drainage technology. For example, ACO Building Drainage offer accredited CPD, which is available on both a one-to-one basis and to groups. This expertise allows specifiers to make the right decision and ensure they take every aspect of their drainage requirements into account. This may be the load bearing capacity, the compatibility of components with existing drainage channels or the most appropriate products for highly specified applications.

If you do find yourself enlisting the help of a bespoke design service, make sure you choose one with the experience and knowledge to deliver the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your budget. ACO Building Drainage's Design Services Team, for example, is made up of experience engineers who can design every aspect of your project from channel layouts to part scheduling.