TROX Life. Food and drink - air purity in breweries

December 2016

TROX Life. Food and drink - air purity in breweries

Top-quality and healthy air is our mission. Given that people spend 90 % of their time inside, ensuring exceptional indoor air quality is extremely important. As well as enhancing productivity and performance, it also plays a part in reducing absences, as levels of fine dust, infections and allergies can be avoided through the effective filtration of the outside air.
Particularly with respect to the food and drink industry, which provides the focus of this issue of the magazine, a hygienic environment is essential when it comes to providing sensitive products with effective protection. In our title story, come and join us at the bottling plant of the VELTINS brewery, where our central AHU units play their part in ensuring the purity of the beer. What's more, you will come across a whole host of interesting and amusing facts on the topic of food and drink.

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