ACO and the UK BIM Alliance launch

October 2016

ACO and the UK BIM Alliance launch.

Come and join ACO for the launch of the UK BIM Alliance at the two launch events in October; the ICE BIM Conference and Digital Construction Week, where you can keep on top of the latest developments in Digital Construction.

The vision for the UK BIM Alliance is for a digitally enabled construction industry operating at BIM level 2 as business as usual. The Mission is to champion the embedding of BIM level 2 across the industry by 2020.
Digital Construction Week on October 26th / 27th has over 40 hours of Seminar content on topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Printing and BIM Level 2 compliance as well as a full conference programme.
The ICE BIM conference in London on October 19th has Industry expert presentations and six dedicated workshops on how to take full advantage of BIM’s tangible benefits.
ACO will be active in supporting awareness, education and adoption of BIM Level 2 into 2017 and look forward to seeing you at the events in October. We will be on stand M23a at Digital Construction week and a stand at the ICE Conference, so we look forward to seeing you there.

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