September 2016

For all types of laboratories, whether chemical, pharmaceutical, biological or medical, and for areas with potentially explosive atmospheres, ventilation and air conditioning have to meet specific, extremely stringent safety requirements. In its new brochure, 'Clean Air – Safe air management for laboratories', TROX gives an overview of the principal criteria for modern air distribution solutions in this field.

In addition to dealing with work safety and the protection of people and the environment, the brochure describes how the intelligent interconnection of components, sophisticated and intuitive controls, and project-specific design can help to solve the principal tasks of ventilation and air conditioning in laboratories. The brochure also illustrates how employee performance depends on room air quality and comfort in the workplace.

Energy efficiency and energy savings due to demand-based optimisation are another key issue. Modular TROX systems allow for adapting volume flow rates and fan speeds to changes in building usage, which in turn helps to save operating costs. And finally, components that perfectly complement each other ensure extremely reliable ventilation and air conditioning systems – from a single source.

The new brochure 'Clean Air – Safe air management for laboratories' is now available as a hardcopy from TROX. Alternatively, you may want to download it from

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