Will Insulation Paint Lower My Bills?

June 2016

Will Insulation Paint Lower My Bills?

The rising cost of energy isn’t going to go away, and whilst in the height of summer, our gas and electricity bills tend not to cross our minds, when the autumn/winter months arrive, this subject definitely becomes a hot topic.

There are many steps that both commercial and residential property owners can take to lower their energy bills, but what impact does the application of energy saving interior paint have?

Improving your energy efficiency

There are numerous routes of escape for heat in the average family home, and with between 10 and 35% of heat escaping through your windows, doors, floors, facades and roof, taking precautions to limit heat loss is important. That’s where our energy saving interior paint comes in.

The application of Nu-Guard® NRG Energy Efficient Coating Systems both internally and externally is one tried and tested way to reduce heat loss and prevent energy costs from spiralling out of control across domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

How we can help

Here at Hydron Protective Coatings, we provide a number of energy saving interior paint products so you can effectively reap the rewards of improved insulation. To find out more about our range of Nu-Guard® NRG coatings, please contact us today.