Hauraton drainage systems at Bonus Arena – Hull Venue September 2019
Hauraton RECYFIX® PLUS drains the new City Quays in Belfast City Centre November 2018
Hauraton high capacity channel system drains extensive car park at Skypark, Exeter December 2018
Stainless Steel Drainage installed at Haymarket Transport Hub – Newcastle upon Tyne November 2017
The right surface drainage channels for the job at T2 Trafford Point November 2017
Design grating METROPOLIS: Rain meets Jugendstil March 2017
Hauraton RECYFIX® PRO channel runs installed at Scarles Yard Car Park, Norwich August 2016
RECYFIX® SLOTTED Channel range extended August 2016
New RECYFIX® MONOTEC drains car park at the new Travelodge Western Super Mare March 2016
Hauraton extended their CIVILS range RECYFIX® NC March 2016
A new monolithic drainage system with a high attenuation volume March 2016
The role of surface water drainage schemes in flood prevention March 2016
RECYFIX® GREEN grass reinforcement modules installed at Banovallum School, April 2015
Two sizes of Hauraton RECYFIX® PRO installed at Highfields and Penn Fields Campus. April 2015
Hauraton drainage channels used at Penarth Learning Community School April 2015
Trouble free parking at Tondu Primary School April 2015
Hauraton drainage at Heslington East Campus, University of York February 2014
Car park drainage at new Waitrose John Lewis Store, Ipswich February 2014
Hauraton surface drainage at the new Shetland Gas Plant February 2014