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These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. You should check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

1 - Celuform SpecGuide 2018
PVC cladding pvc weatherboard pvc-u cladding pvcu weatherboards

Published [20/12/18]File size [2915 KB]

1. Celuform Product Overview 23
Celuform, PVC-UE, PVC-U, Celuform Building Products, roofline, cladding, soffit, window boards, kavex, textured cladding, fascia boards, fascias, trims

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2. Celuform Spec Guide Edition 7
PVC-UE roofline, windowline and cladding, Celuform Technical Guide to specifying PVCU and PVC UE cladding, roofline fascia and ventilated soffit boards.

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3. Celuform Celutex Brochure
PVC-UE Textured Shiplap Cladding Systems

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Celuform BES 6001 Certificate

Published [01/05/18]File size [703 KB]

Celuform CE Marking Resistance to Fixings
CE Marking Resistance to Fixings

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Celuform Celutex Case Study
celutex cladding

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Celuform Cladding BBA Certificate
PVC-U, Cladding, PVC-UE, UPVC, shiplap cladding, open v joint cladding, featheredge, woodgrain cladding, textured cladding, low maintenance

Published [01/05/18]File size [2738 KB]

Celuform Environmental Policy

Published [01/05/18]File size [253 KB]

Celuform ISO 14001 Certificate
BSi Certificate

Published [01/05/18]File size [714 KB]

Celuform ISO 9001 Certificate
bsi Certificate of registration

Published [01/05/18]File size [766 KB]

Celuform Ogee Trim Fitting Instructions
A guide to Installation and fixing instructions for Celuform 70mm and 125mm Ogee trim

Published [01/05/18]File size [67 KB]

Celuform Product Guide Replacement Cladding
Celuform PVCU cladding is the ideal product for replacing tired old timber shiplap cladding

Published [01/05/18]File size [795 KB]

Celuform Roofline BBA Certificate
PVCu fascia, ventilated soffit boards and roofline trims.Available in a wide range of colours including woodgrain finishes.

Published [01/05/18]File size [2571 KB]

Celuform Standard Box-end detailing
PVCU fascia board fixing guide

Published [05/07/16]File size [292 KB]

Celufrom Declaration of Conformity

Published [01/05/18]File size [573 KB]

COSHH Data Sheet - Celuform April 2014
Standard PVC-UE Foam Boards

Published [05/07/16]File size [66 KB]

Kitemark Licence

Published [19/06/17]File size [1176 KB]

Kitemark parts list
facias, soffits, cladding, shiplap cladding, kitemark, ogee skirting, architrave

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Tech Bulletin 1 Celutex Textured Cladding Installation
A Guide to specifying and installing Celuform woodgrain cladding boards and trims.

Published [24/04/18]File size [1315 KB]

Tech Bulletin 2 Product Maintenance
How to maintain Celuform PVCU cladding and roofline products

Published [05/07/16]File size [1581 KB]

Tech Bulletin 3 Gallows Brackets Finials
Celuform PVCu canopy accessories

Published [05/07/16]File size [1241 KB]

Technical Bulletin 5 Green Deal Energy Efficiency
Celuform Green Deal Energy Efficiency & Celuform Roofline Products Loft insulation

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