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These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. You should check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

1. Timeguard 2017 Product Catalogue XTIM1930
IR Presence Detectors Automatic Light Switches Security Lamp Holders & Night Lights LED Floodlights LED Bulkheads LED External Lights PIR Lighting Controllers LED Energy Saving Lights LEDX Wide Beam Energy Saving Lights LEDMF Energy Saving Floodlights PIR Floodlights PIR Bulkheads & Lanterns

Published [21/09/17]File size [6695 KB]

2. Timeguard XTIM1733 LED Lighting Brochure
LED lighting from Timeguard

Published [31/10/17]File size [6909 KB]

3. Timeguard XTIM1786 Step Led Lighting Brochure
versatile range of LED Step Lights

Published [31/10/17]File size [1488 KB]

4. Timeguard XTIM1843 Die Cast Bulkhead Lighting
Die-Cast Bulkhead lighting

Published [31/10/17]File size [1644 KB]

5. Timeguard XTIM1883 LED Professional Clean Optimized Lighting
Night Eye Plus range of LED Floodlights with Plug & Play PIRs and Photocells for instant safety and lighting control

Published [31/10/17]File size [373 KB]

Timeguard 2015 LED Lighting Solutions
LED outdoor Floodlights from Timeguard.

Published [21/09/17]File size [158 KB]

Timeguard 2015 Time to Save Energy
analogue and digital time switches for all types of installation including immersion heater systems

Published [04/07/16]File size [125 KB]

Timeguard 2015 Weathersafe Power Solutions
Weathersafe Extreme & Vision Outdoor Power Solutions with Timeguard’s IP66 Power Sockets and Switches

Published [04/07/16]File size [163 KB]

Timeguard LED Floodlights Lighting Seasonal Focus

Published [06/10/15]File size [1265 KB]

Timeguard LED Lighting XTIM1730 2015 New Advert PIR
LED Floodlights

Published [21/09/17]File size [379 KB]

Timeguard Plug & Play LED Lighting Control XTIM1890
lighting control

Published [21/09/17]File size [117 KB]

Timeguard XTIM1934 Switched On Spring 2017
Energy Saving LED Step Lights, Die-Cast LED Bulkhead Lights LED Switch Load Controller Slimline LED Floodlights LED Half Carriage Lanterns

Published [02/11/17]File size [1031 KB]