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1. EJOT UK Roofing Cladding Fasteners 2018-19
roofing and cladding fasteners

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1. EJOT UK Strong Connections Product Overview
Advanced Fastening Systems

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2. EJOT UK Concrete Brick Block Fasteners
Fastening and anchoring systems for concrete, brick and block substrates. Fasteners. Masonry anchors, Screw Anchors, Concrete screws, Nylon Expansion Anchors, Facade Anchors, Chemical Resin studs anchors, Anchor bolts, Anchor mortars, Insulation support anchors. Multifix, Super Epoxy,

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3. EJOT UK Fasteners For Hazardous Environments
Specialist fastening products, engineered for highly corrosive environments

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4. EJOT UK Flat Roofing & Membrane Systems
Flat Roofing & Membrane Fixings

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5. EJOT Multifix Anchoring
High strength anchoring of threaded resin studs into masonry blocks, cracked and non-cracked concrete

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5. EJOT UK Liebig Ultraplus Brochure
The undercut anchor for exceptionally high loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

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6. EJOT UK ETICS Fixings Overview Brochure
Ejotherm anchors and accessories, Insulation Board Fastening fasteners ETICS Applications, Rail Anchors, ETICs Brickslip System Anchors, Mounting Elements for retrofitting and for the planned integration into new ETICS

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6. EJOT UK Liebig Anchoring Range
anchoring range

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7. EJOT Solar I-Clip Brochure
Solar PV Frame fixing systems

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7. EJOT UK Opticore Brochure
Self-coring one-step fix for membrane faced composite panels.

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8. EJOT UK Facades & Rainscreen Fasteners
Facades & Rainscreen Fasteners, Fasteners for Cladding Framing and Support Systems.

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8. EJOT UK Technical Installing SD Fasteners
Selecting Installation Tools for Self Drilling Fasteners

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EJOT Application Poster Installation into Concrete
Steel and Stainless Steel Through bolts, Drop-In Anchors, Safety Anchors, Concrete Screws, Safety Bolts, Self-Undercutting Anchors, Lightning Protection Anchors, Step Iron Anchors. Liebig Superplus. Metal Anchors.

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EJOT Application Poster Roofing & Cladding
Side Lap Screws, SelfDrilling Screws, Rivets, Concrete Screws, Flat Roofing Anchors, Tie Pins, Facade Anchors, Insulation Support Anchors, Solar Panel Fastening Systems, Fastening and Fixing Components. Dabo, EjoFast, Bulbtite.

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Ejot EJObar PVC Data Sheet
EJOBar bridging bars for reinforced PVC membrane roofs. Bridging systems and fixing bases for installation onto or over single ply roofing systems. Mounting systems for solar panels on flat roofs.

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EJOT EVO PT Fastenings Flyer 10.19 Flyer
Evolution direct fastening into plastic

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EJOT Installation Manual Solar Fastenings EN
Solar Panel Fastening Systems for fastening on metal and fiber cement roofing profiles. Fixings and screws for Solar and PV installations on corrugated roofing sheets.

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EJOT ISO Spiral Anchor Leaflet
Spiral anchor fastening solution for lightweight attachments on ETICS facades.

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EJOT Liebig Anchor Bolt
Anchor Bolt

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EJOT Liebig Superplus

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EJOT Liebig Ultraplus
The undercut anchor for exceptionally high loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete – also for shock and seismic loads.,anchoring technology, Positive undercut anchor with strong mechanical interlock,

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EJOT Opticore Fastening Solutions
total innovative fastening solution for membrane faced composite panel systems

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EJOT UK TSSD Focus Day Overview
Fastening components for Composite and Foamed materials. Fasteners for joining metal components to lightweight honeycomb material and expanded polystyrene foams. EJOT TSSD®, EJOT EPPsys®, EJOT® EPPsys® Delta Tubus fastening elements.

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EJOT Vortex SDS Data Sheet
The EJOT vortex-SDS drilling system has been developed in response to the increasing HSE focus in the UK, on dust removal at source, on site. The system instantly extracts potentially harmful dust and debris. Dust extraction. Dust extracting hose connectors for drill bits.

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EJOT Vortex V Data Sheet
EJOT vortex V certified H-Class single motor industrial vacuum cleaners. Hazardous dust extractors for class H environments. Dust removal.

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EJOT® HTK 2G 75mm tube-washer
HTK-2G-75 meets SPRA guidelines bonded/mechanical hybrid bonded insulation back into either ply or profiled steel decks where the surface membrane layer is to be adhered.

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EJOT® TRIO General Purpose Insulation Anchors
TRIO components can be used to fix insulation into concrete or clay bricks and aircrete blockwork.

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