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TROX Air Ventilation Filter Units & Filter Elements
Air Ventilation Filter units and filter elements from TROX

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TROX Decentralised Ventilation
Façade ventilation systems for new and refurbished offices, schools and children's daycare facilities

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TROX Efficient Indoor Climate - With Chilled Beams
Efficient indoor climate with X-BEAM air-water systems

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Design manual to support the design of air management systems in a lab/clean room application

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Trox PD TVE DE VAV terminal units
Compact solution for low airflow velocities, Circular air terminal unit

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TROX Sound and Sense
TROX Acoustics are able to offer a full service in the field of noise and vibration control for the HVAC Industry.

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TROX UK 2018 X-CUBE Air handling unit
The innovative air handling unit.

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Trox UK Air Water Systems for Air Conditioning
air water systems for air conditioning

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TROX UK Control Units
Ventilation and air conditioning systems

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TROX UK Multileaf Dampers
Multileaf dampers Type JZ – Low leakage

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TROX UK PWX Fancoil Unit SF 2019 02
Key facts associated with the new Type PWX fancoil units

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TROX UK Type TVE Flyer
Air handling control units, innovative VAV unit.

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TROX UK UK Type TVE Release Jan 20
Air handling units, innovative VAV unit.

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TROX UK VAV Terminal Units Type TVLK

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TROX X Cube Run Around Coil Systems

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