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1. Rockwool Firepro Book
Comprehensive range of passive fire protection products and solutions. Structural Fire Protection, Cavity Barriers, Cavity Firestops, Linear Joint Seals, Fire Penetration Seals, Fire Seals, Fire protection for Building Services

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Beamclad Systems Contractors Fixing Guide
Fire protection solutions for structural steel & soffit protection. A comprehensive installation guide illustrating the various methods of fixing ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD. Insulation Boards Fire protection for structural steel & steelworks

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EWI System Holders Ordering Guide
At ROCKWOOL, our aim is to offer the best possible customer experience to our EWI System Holders. To help offer you the very best service, we hold in stock an extensive range of EWI Dual Density Slabs. EWI Insulation Slabs

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Firestopping - Standard Details Guide
The ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® range of products provides firestopping and fire resistance throughout the whole construction process; intended to make buildings and their inhabitants safer in the event of fire. Beyond ROCKWOOL insulation’s inherent fire resistant qualities, our specialist range of products help architects, contractors and developers conform to current fire regulations. Our range of fire resistance products cater for most general purpose and specialty building applications:• Structural protection • Penetration seals • Joints • Cavity barriers Heating, ventilation and air conditioning • Process pipes

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Flat Roof Acoustic Reference Guide
ROCKWOOL Flat Roof systems significantly reduce unwanted noise and support in creating a more comfortable internal environment. Acoustic Insulation for Flat Roofs

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HVAC Specification Guide
A guide to specifying ROCKWOOL insulation for HVAC applications.

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Introduction to part L 2013 - Insulating pipes and ducts
Insulating pipes and ducts: The insulation of pipes and ducts is essential to minimise heat losses for heated systems and heat gains for cooled systems. For cooled systems, it is also important to ensure that the risk of condensation is adequately controlled. Guidance on controlling condensation is also provided in this Part L Rockwool guide.

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Rainscreen Acoustic Reference Guide
Acoustic Performance of Rainscreen Facade Systems: This document will provide you with the very latest information on the sound reduction performances that can be achieved using ROCKWOOL Stone Wool, which have been determined through a series of actual acoustic tests. Acoustic Insulation

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Rocklap H&V Pipe Section Packaging Guide
Pre-formed insulation with a foil facing and self-adhesive lap. RockLap H&V Pipe Sections are strong lengths of pre-formed insulation with a one piece, factory applied foil facing with an integral self-adhesive lap. Pipe Insulation Duct insulation Building Services Insulation

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Rockwool Routes to Compliance Brochure
High-rise buildings: Meeting the guidance within Approved Document B Volumes 1 & 2 (England) This technical publication will provide a detailed look at Requirement B4 of Building Regulations, and the guidance offered in Approved Document B, when considering the use of insulation and other materials within the external wall systems of buildings with a storey 18m above ground level. Non combustible insulation for High Rise Buildings

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Thickness of Rockwool Insulation
In accordance with BS5422:2009 BS 5422:2009 is the industry wide standard for determining and specifying the requirements for thermal insulation to pipework & equipment. BS 5422 - Method for specifying thermal insulating materials for pipes, tanks, vessels, ductwork and equipment

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