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1. Birtley Lintels Brochure
Steel lintels: Thermal Bridging, Supatherm Thermally Broken, Solid Wall, External Wall, Internal Wall, Box Lintels, Eaves Lintels, Timber Frame, Bespoke Designs. Juliet Balconies. Windposts.

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2. Birtley Group Galvanizing Brochure
hot dipped galvanizing

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2. Birtley Supatherm Brochure
Birtley is the only lintel manufacturer to hot-dip galvanize

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3. Expamet Plasterers Accessories Brochure 06 2019
Plasterers Accessories

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4. Expamet Builders Metalwork Brochure 011118

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Birtley Bespoke Lintels Data Sheet
Bespoke Purpose Made Steel Lintels. Arched Lintels. Curved Lintels. Bullseye Lintels. Custom design service for Mitred Lintels and Bay Lintels. Curved-on-Plan Lintels.

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Birtley Comparison Chart September 2019
lintels, hot dipped galvanized lintels

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Birtley Juliet Balconies Data Sheet LVL01
Powdercoated Steel Galvanised Juliette balcony. Glased and Purpose Made Juliette Balconies.

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Birtley Lintel Selector
Steel Lintels: cavity walls, solid walls, external walls, internal walls. Archform, arched, box, bay, mitres and curved.

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Birtley Lintels Perfect Bound LVL02 November 2018
Galvanised lintels, cavity wall lintels, solid wall lintels

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Birtley Lintels Price List September 2019

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Bowater Doors Brochure 2020
Composite Domestic Entrance Doors. FIRE SHIELD Composite FD30S internal doors. FLOOD SHIELD Domestic Flood Defence Doors. Fireshield, Floodshield, Classic Collection, Rural collection, Contemporary collection.

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Bowater Doors Flood Door Brochure
Floodshield Composite Domestic Flood Defence Doors. PAS 1188 flood protection doors.

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Bowater Doors Glass Range
Bowater Doors glazing options for domestic composite entrance doors and Floodshield flood defence doors.

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Expamet Masonry Support Design Sheet

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Expamet Mesh Metal & Lath
Security Mesh in mild and galvanised steel

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