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1. C.A.T Full Catalogue 2023
Specialist stair nosings and edgings. Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel and PVCU / UPVC Floor trims and nosings, Flooring profiles, Matwell frames, Movement Joints, Corner Protection, Capping Profiles, Stair Rods and Fixing Eyes, StairTread Inserts, Flat Plates, Discs and Demarcation Studs, Staircase Stringer Trims and Edge Profiles. CATltd, Olympic, Feline, FAB, CapIt, KliksSlim, KliksSpectrumZip, Timberline, Mainline, Vertex, Reflex, DesignerHomeCollection, TagTrim, TheAkemanCollection, StickFix

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2. C.A.T Stair Nosings & Edgings
Stair nosings and edgings, Brass, aluminium, PVC and bespoke transition and edging profiles for numerous flooring situations. Stair Edge Profiles. Chequer plate stairtreads and nosings. Staircase Stringer Trims. CATltd, Olympic,CapIt, FAB, Feline, KliksSlim, Mainline, Timberline, Vertex

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3. C.A.T Flooring Profiles 2023
Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel Flooring Profiles, Transition and edging profiles for numerous flooring situations. PVCU/UPVC flooring profiles. Perimeter Trims and Floor Edging Trims. Metal inlay strips, Matwell Frames. Ramp Profiles, Expansion and Movement Joints, Corner Protection, Skirting Profiles. Door Threshold Plates. CAT Ltd. Designer Home Collection, CapIt, Feline, FabTwinTop, CATsf, StickFix, KliksSlim, Kliks Spectrum Zip, Timberline, TagTrim, Mainline, Reflex, Vertex.

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4. C.A.T The Akemman Collection
The Akeman Collection stair rods and fixing eyes.

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5. Stone and Ceramic Catalogue
flooring profiles, stone and ceramic floors

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