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1. Honeywell Gent - SAFE Brochure
Prevents false fire alarm evacuations. A system that allows you to have an BS5839 Part 6 system work in conjunction with a full BS 5839 Part 1 system without any compromise.

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2. GENT Central Battery Systems
emergency luminaires Central Battery Systems

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3. GENT 085 Voice Alarm Design Guide
voice alarm guide

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4. GENT 152 Visual Alarm Design and Application Guide
visual alarm design application

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5. GENT Aspirating Smoke Detectors App Guide

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6. GENT 031 Design Installation Guide Complete
fire detection systems

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Case Study 102 DMI River Clyde Homes Mar 28
Gent Vigilon 72 analogue addressable automatic fire detection and alarm system. Autoquench AQ2000: Automatic bin room fire protection system. Fire Suppression Systems.

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GENT 114 ASD Design Install Pocket Guide
Air Sampling Detection,Aspirating Smoke Detection

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GENT OSID 5 Reasons Flyer Honeywell
OSID uses coded Infra Red and Ultra Violet light beams to provide superior detection of all smoke types and deliver new levels of reliability in large open spaces

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GENT OSID Crib Sheet Honeywell
Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection

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Honeywell GENT Aspirating Cold Environments App Guide
Aspirating Smoke Detection Applications Guide

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Honeywell Gent Vigilon Consultants Specification Guide 2017
Consultants Specification Guide for Vigilon Plus Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Detection Systems

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