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1. Timeguard XTIM2043 2018 Catalogue Complete
Energy Saving Lighting, LED Lighting, timeswitches, light switches, bulkhead lights, PIR Sensors. lighting and Heating controls.

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2. Timeguard New Product Booklet Winter 2019
Immersion and General Purpose Timeswitches. Programmable 13A Fused Connection Units and Boost Timeswitches. Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostats and Timeswitches. Electronic time delay switches. NightEye PIR Presence Detectors. DALI presence detectors. Lighting Conrols. ProgramaStat+ Electronic room programmers.

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Emergency Assist Alarm Kits Brochure
Timeguard Nurse Call

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Extreme/Vision Outdoor Power Solutions Brochure
Timeguard electric switches, outdoor switches, electric sockets, outdoor sockets

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Timeguard DALI New Remote Control Presence Detectors
Timeguard’s remote control DALI presence detectors

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Timeguard Doorcom DCA1 DCA2

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Timeguard FST WIFI New Style Advert
Wi-Fi enabled 13A fused spur timeswitches. Smart Device controlled, Fully App Controlled.

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Timeguard LED EVO New Style Advert
LED compact PIR floodlights.

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Timeguard LED PRO New Style Advert
NIGHTEYE LEDPRO 1P65 weatherproof plug and play LED floodlights

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Timeguard New Faces to Time Control Range
Energy Saving Lighting,LED Lighting, timeswitches,light switches,bulkhead lights,PIR Sensors.

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Timeguard NTT WIFI New Style Advert
Wi-Fi enabled timeswitches. Smartphone/device/App contolled,

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Timeguard PIR Detection Cover Editorial Electrical Magazine

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Timeguard SLBW2300RF New Led Lighting
complete PIR Lighting Control Range

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Timeguard TRT WIFI New Style Advert
the smart solution for efficient Wi-Fi installations

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Timeguard Valiance Plus Switched Sockets
VALIANCE RCD Protected Switched Sockets / Connection Units. Valiance+ RCD Range is the first RCD Wiring Accessory range in the U.K. certified to the new BS 7288:2016

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Timeguard WeatherSafe Isolator Instructs Issue3
Weathersafe IP65 Isolator Switches

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Timeguard WeatherSafe TGVN Range Instructions 105x75 Issue3
Weathersafe weatherproofed IP66 Outdoor Electric Switches and Sockets.

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Timeguard WIFI New Style Advert
Wi-Fi Controlled Timewitches, Thermostats, Outdoor Fused Spurs. Fully APP controlled.

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Timeguard XTIM2045 Switched On Spring 2018
Energy Saving LED Step Lights, Die-Cast LED Bulkhead Lights LED Switch Load Controller WiFi Enabled Remote Controls for Lighting and Electrical Applications Slimline LED Floodlights LED Half Carriage Lanterns

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