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1. Triton Overview Brochure Dec 2020 v1
Structural waterproofing, Damp Proofing and Timber and Masonry Preservation and repair. Ground gas barriers, anti-condensation products, flooring systems, green roof systems. BS8102:2009 TypeA/TypeB/TypeC waterproofing. Cavity drainage membranes and mechanical drainage pumps, sumps and channels. TritonBentonite,TritonTWSEX100GM, TritonTTVapourMembrane, TritonTriseal, TritonFastcoat, Triton55ME, Triton55Super, TritonTTAdmix, TritonCEMflexVBPlateWaterstop, TritonTTWaterstop, TritonTTSwellmasticS2, TritonInjectionTube, PlatonP8, PlatonP20, PlatonPlasterBase, PlatonPlasterMesh, PlatonPB2Mesh, PlatonDoubleDrain. TritonAquaChannel, AquaPumpProPlus, TritonAquaPumpXL. TritonTriGel, TritonTriCream, TritonTriject3, TritonTriproofCream, Tritec60Plus, Tribor20, TriborTen. TritonTrisol23,

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Triton Cavity Drain Systems Type C Brochure Feb 2020
Cavity Drain Systems Type C Drained Protection in accordance with BS8102 (2009) Suitable for existing, retrofit and new build projects. Tough, studded HDPE, HDPP and PP sheets for internal and external use Sympathetic to heritage buildings and in conservation projects. Cavity Drainage Membranes. PlatonP8, PlatonP20, PlatonPlasterBase, PlatonPlasterMesh, PlatonDoubleDrain, PlatonPB2Mesh.

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Triton CM20 Cavity Drain Membrane BWM05A TDS7
The Wykamol range of cavity drain membranes are high quality, structural waterproofing materials, with a choice of stud height for different drainage capacities and applications

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Triton Concrete Waterproofing Systems Brochure Type B Dec 2020
Self-repairing chemical admix for waterproofing and protection of concrete BS 8102:2009TypeB. Can be used in conjunction with Type A and Type C systems for a combined solution. Applications include new build basements, underground carparks, swimming pools etc. Barrier waterproofing systems, waterproofing and repair of construction joints. TritonTTAdmix, TritonTTWaterstop, TritonTTSwellmasticS2, TritonInjectionTube, TritonTTSuper, TritonQuickSet,

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Triton Damp Proofing Systems Brochure
Damp Proofing and Replastering Systems. BBA certified systems to control rising damp.

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Triton Dryseal Masonry Cream ST14 TDS7
Dryseal is a waterproofing cream for the protection of masonry surfaces against water, pollutants and frost salt damage

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Triton Flooring Systems Brochure
Flooring damp proofing/waterproofing systems. Sheet and liquid applied membranes. Floor preparation and repair. Damp proofing underlays for wood and laminate floors. TriSeal, TritonTTVapourMembrane, TritonTTVM, PlatonStop, TritonLPAPrimer, TritonRepairMortar, TritonTrifix, TritonFleeceBand

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Triton Pumps Drainage Brochure January 2021 v2
Sumps, pumps and drainage channels for cavity drained waterproofing systems (BS 8102 2009 TypeC). Pump Control panels and water level alarms. AquaPumpPro, AquaPumpXL.

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Triton Structural Repair Brochure
Structural Repair Systems. Mechanically fixed and resin bonded replacement wall ties. Lateral restraints and brick stabilisation bars and rods. Grouts, adhesives and installation equipment. TritonDryFix, Tribar, Trifix, TrigroutExtra.

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Triton Type A Cementitious Brochure
Cementitious waterproofing systems. Type A Barrier Protection in accordance with BS 8102 (2009). Cementitious coatings and in-depth crystallisation systems. Suitable for new and existing concrete structures. Concrete surface waterproofers. cement tanking systems, floor to wall junction sealers, Leak Plugging Compounds. TritonTTSuper, TritonTT55ME, TritonFilletSeal, TritonQuickSet, TritonSBR, TritonLPAPrimer.

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Triton Type A Liquid Applied Brochure v8
Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems. TypeA Barrier Protection in accordance with BS 8102 (2009). Liquid applied dampproof and waterproofing systems. Suitable for new and existing concrete structures. Gas barrier systems. Epoxy Resin Coatings. Polyurethane and Polyurea Coatings. TriSeal, TritonTTVM, TritonTTVapourMembrane, TWSPolyH, TWSFastcoat,

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