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1. Instarmac Ultracrete Brochure 2016
Highways Maintenance Solution, Pothole Repair Ancillaries

Published [01/03/19]File size [3697 KB]

2. Instarmac UltraFloor Brochure Sept 16
ULTRA FLOOR Brochure: Screeds and Levelling Compounds

Published [13/04/18]File size [1974 KB]

3. Ultrascape Brochure Compliant Mortar Paving System
Bedding, Jointing, Sealing

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4. Instarmac Granfix Brochure

Published [02/03/18]File size [5716 KB]

5. Instarmac UltraCrete Security Installation and Car Park Maintenance Solutions
Security Installation and Car Park Maintenance Solutions

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6. Wondertex Brochure
Drylining, Priming & Sealing, Decorative Texturing, Coving.

Published [02/03/18]File size [5340 KB]

HAPAS approved Instant Road Repair
Cold Lay Asphalt Concrete

Published [19/03/15]File size [1582 KB]

HAPAS CERTIFICATE: Permanent Pothole Repair
Pothole Repair Agrement Certificate Holders

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Infrarail Trifold Rail Refurbishment
RAIL REFURBISHMENT SOLUTIONS, Railway Station Refurbishment and Repair

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Instarmac Cold Weather Working UltraCrete,UltraScape

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Instarmac Corporate Brochure

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Instarmac For Rail Refurbishment Solutions
Instarmac is home to 4 brands that offer a suite of fast track underground and overground approved refurbishment products for a range of applications, providing a one stop shop for all of your rail maintenance needs

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Instarmac Perma Soil Stabiliser Brochure
Eliminate the need for expensive haulage to landfill and turn excavated spoil into usable backfill within minutes!

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Instarmac Warm Weather Working

Published [13/04/18]File size [118 KB]

Ultracrete SROH Guide

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