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1. Safetell Security Brochure
Security Doors • Screens and Counters • Security Walling and Partitioning • Transfer Units • Cash & Asset Protection

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Automatic Door Progressive and Proactive Service
automatic door service and maintenance

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A secure cash handling device that allows deposit and time controlled withdrawal of cash at the cashier position, allowing cashiers to increase or decrease their till drawer holding. Banknotes are inserted into cassettes and loaded into the BidiSafe either through the deposit slot or in bulk as a stack through the security key controlled door. Single cassettes can be withdrawn by pressing the Request button and after a time delay, a cassette will be released from the bottom drawer.

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Bullet Resistant MKII Framework
Bullet Resistant MKII Framework and Counter solutions offer protection against physical attack and BS 5051 G2/S86 ballistic resistance. Typical applications are banks, building societies, government offices, cash office or any application where there is a serious risk of firearm attack or robbery.

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Bullet Resistant Voestalpine Framework
Working as a first-defence against ballistic attack, the screen and counterwork are designed to provide a seamless line of ballistic protection from floor to ceiling. Typical applications are banks, building societies, government offices, cash office or any application where there is a serious risk of firearm attack or robbery

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Cash Drawer
Safetell Cash Drawers are a secure cash drawer unit with a locking removable cash box that incorporates configurable inserts.

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Cash Handling System
Cash-handling systems are designed for safe and secure handling of banknotes, coins, tickets and documents, between a secure line. They can be installed with integrated pay windows or across glass façades, on in some instances surface-mounted onto reception desks

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Cash Scoops
CASH SCOOPS Off-the-shelf cash and document transfer scoops available in varying depths which can be supplied with or without sliders

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Cash Tray
Cash Tray Inserts are used for cashiers to store their cash float in. Suitable for any application involving the exchange of cash.

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Cashfast Night Pay Hatch
CashFast is a night pay hatch that is used to continue trading after hours or at times of high risk for the protection of staff. It includes both a large bulk goods drawer and sliding cash tray with electronic speech transfer units to ensure good communication. Typically used in petrol forecourts, late night pharmacies, convenience stores and fast food restaurants

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Circle Security Portals
A high security solution to control entry and exit to internal secure areas. Available as circle, square and larger DDA units to meet existing building aesthetics and client needs. Our Security Portals offer single person passage checking and abandoned object detection systems with range of passage widths available, including a DDA approved wide version.

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CityWall is a modular security walling system designed to construct secure enclosures offering protection against intrusion and manual attack. Bullet, fire and blast resistant walls. Ballistic resistance.

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CounterShield is an anti-physical attack sash style security window, designed to facilitate open counter trading and staff protection. Security windows and screens.

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DDA Circle Security Portals
A high security solution to control entry and exit to internal secure areas. Available as larger DDA circle and square units to meet existing building aesthetics and client needs. Our Security Portals offer single person passage checking and abandoned object detection systems with a DDA approved wide passage.

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Everything you need to know about Automatic Door Servicing
automatic door on your business premises means you have a responsibility to maintain the safety and integrity of that door, in the best interest of your staff and customers

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Extending Transaction Drawer
Safetell’s bullet resistant Extending Transaction Drawer allows the secure transfer of cash and documents through a bullet resistant line. Cash transfer drawers.

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Fast Rising Screen
Safetell Fast Rising Screens are concealed within counterwork, facilitating easy communication between staff and customers and desirable open counter trading. In the event of an attack or attempted robbery the screen provides bullet-resistant protection within half-a-second of activation and presents physical, visual and acoustic barriers to the aggressor.

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Flip Top Till
Cashiers Tills. Secure Electric and Manual Control Till Units

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Full Height Glass Speed Lanes
SPEED LANES Safetell’s Speed Lanes provide a sleek entrance control and anti-tailgating solution to a building or secure area. Typical applications include airports, authorised personnel entry points, government buildings, corporate buildings, museums, theatres, arenas, stadiums, leisure centres and gyms.

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Full Height Turnstile
FULL HEIGHT TURNSTILES SINGLE | DOUBLE | BICYCLE. Entrance control which regulates pedestrian entrance and exit at both guarded and unmanned entrances. Typically used outdoors, two operational versions are available offering a manual push or motorised turnstile option. Access control.

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Glasstek Curtain Walling
Security Curtain Walling, Bullet Resistant Glazing.

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Glazed Security Doors
Glazed Aluminium Security Doors protect employees and organisations from many types of attack whilst maintaining the building’s aesthetic.

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Hopper Transfer Units
Safetell's Hopper Transfer Units are manually operated modular units designed to provide secure transactions of bulk cash.

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Meridian Bulk Transfer Units
Safetell’s Bulk Transfer Units enable the transference of cash or valuables into and out of a secure area without opening a door to the secure area.

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Meridian Composites
Safetell’s Meridian Composite Units enable the secure transfer of valuables, whilst at the same time providing a screen for visual identification that will protect against physical and ballistic attack. Typical applications include cash offices, retail stores, cash in transit, banks, stadia and local authorities.

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Meridian Module
Safetell’s Meridian Module combines two of our proven products, the Stalwart Steel Door and the Bulk Transfer Unit, providing secure transfer of cash to external locations.

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NightPay Hatch
A NightPay Hatch ensures the protection of staff, allowing continuation of trading at times of high risk. They include both a large bulk goods drawer and sliding cash tray. Typical applications are petrol forecourts, late night pharmacies, convenience stores and fast food restaurants

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Pay Station
Safetell’s bullet resistant Pay Stations are designed to enable the transaction of cash and documents through glazing and counterwork systems, protecting staff from ballistic and manual attack and robbery. Two tray depths are available as a either a Non-Voice-Box format or Passive Audio format.

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Pay Windows
Safetell Pay Window modules include framework, security glazing, counterwork, document or cash scoop and either passive or electronic speech transfer. Available in bullet and manual attack resistance.

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Revolving Doors
Safetell’s Revolving Doors offer a high security solution to control entry to internal secure areas. Available in a range of security resistance levels including EN1627 RC4 Manual Attack rating and EN1522 FB4 Ballistic Rating.

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RollerCash is a combined cash handling system and cash recycling device that allows instant deposits and time controlled withdrawals of cash at the cashier position. Cashiers can increase or decrease their till drawer cash without leaving their workstation minimising transportation of bulk cash between tills.

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SafeAssure Plus UJ
SafeAssure Plus UJ is a steel fully framed, manual attack resistant glazing system. Designed to provide staff and counter areas with protection from physical attack and robbery, with a high-quality aesthetic appearance in keeping with corporate and commercial environment

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SafeAssure UG
SafeAssure UG is a system designed to offer an adaptable fixed glazed screen that will provide protection from physical aggression between staff and customers. It is designed to fit on top of a counter, be easily adapted to suit different counter levels and return at angles whilst retaining a light, airy and open appearance. Applications include petrol forecourts, convenience stores, hospitals, health care centres and commercial buildings.

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SafeShield UL
A polycarbonate screening system designed to offer protection to staff by hampering physical attack and vaulting of the counterwork by assailants, in operations with a minimal level security threat, whilst maintaining an open appearance and open-counter trading. This screen is an effective, cost efficient alternative to other high security alternatives that Safetell offers.

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Secondary Glazing
Secondary Security Glazing provides bullet resistance, protection from physical attack, enhanced burglary resistance and fit behind existing external windows, hence avoiding drawing attention to secure areas.

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Security Glazed Partitioning
Security Glazed Partitioning can be used for internal and external purposes to create secure areas. The partitioning is modular walling that can be used to create air locks and secure rooms. Typical applications include offices and commercial buildings

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Security Pass Door
Safetell’s Pass Doors offer a high security solution designed to assist entry and exit in conjunction with our Security Portals and Revolving Doors.

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Smoke and Dye
eSmokenote consists of a thin radio receiver linked to a flexible smoke and dye combination which acts as a deterrent following a robbery.

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Speech Transfer Systems
Speech transfer and window intercom systems provide hands-free electronic two way speech transfer between public and staff who are separated by security glazing. Communication windows.

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Square Security Portals
Square-based security portals with single person detection and abandoned object detection. Specifically designed for protecting internal areas of banks, embassies, corporate buildings, prisons, data centres, ministries, jewellers and high-value areas.

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Staffline Doors
Internal timber security doors providing bullet and manual attack resistance

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Stalwart Doors
External steel security doors providing significant bullet, blast, fire and manual attack resistance. Standard or purpose made solutions.

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Swing Gate
Safetell Swing Gates are designed for assisting pedestrian access control at guarded passage ways, inside buildings and outside (under canopy).

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Trio Secure Cash Handling
Trio is a secure cash handling and recycling device that allows instant deposit and time-controlled withdrawal of cash at the cashier position. It contains 3 rotating drums, each with 10 segments with each segment having the capacity to store 200 notes. The Trio is self-sufficient with There is a total withdraw facility when the perimeter is secure. Typical applications include banks, buildings, Post Office and bureaux de change.

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Tripod Turnstiles
Safetell’s Tripod Turnstiles are designed to assist pedestrian entrance control at both guarded and unmanned entrances. Access Control.

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VertiSlide Transaction Hatch
VertiSlide is a manual attack resistant, vertical sliding parcel transaction hatch

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