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1. Surfina Fine Finishes Brochure
fine surface finishes metal ore

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2. Betoncryll Exterior Brochure
protection, decoration & colour for concrete surfaces

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3. Biocompact Exterior Coatings Brochure
Thick compact exterior coatings

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4. Travertino Romano Brochure
thick wall coverings

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5. Travertino Romano Finitura Brochure

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6. Neoquartz Colour and Protection for Walls Brochure
colour and protection for walls

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7. Silkos Torino Brochure

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Giorgio Graesan Aurora Boreale Brochure
Transparent photo luminescent coatings. This product is a transparent resin that encapsulates the light it receives and emits it in the presence of total darkness. The product is totally transparent and maintains the colour of the background unchanged. The surface having been illuminated with direct light will, in the dark, luminesce. In the absence of direct natural lighting we recommend using UV lighting added to the existing lighting system.

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Giorgio Graesan Fili di Seta Catalogue
Fili di Seta - decorative resin wall finishes with a silk fabric appearance.

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Giorgio Graesan Istinto 6 by Giorgio Graesan
Venetian plasters, Decorative plasters, wall finishes. Segui il Tuo ISTINTO contains Lime, Marble powders of various sizes and Natural Minerals. Cera del Vecchio contains Beeswax and soaps. Gioia is an acrylic wall finish.

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Giorgio Graesan La Via Lattea Brochure
Resin wall finish, La Via Lattea is composed of water, white microspheres, resin and metal fragments.

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Giorgio Graesan Minimal Brochure
Venetian Plaster, Paint, Wall Finishes

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Giorgio Graesan MURO PLUS Brochure
Polished Plaster

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Giorgio Graesan NEVE Venetian Plaster Brochure
Venetian Plaster, Wall Finishes

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Giorgio Graesan ORIGINI Casual SINGOLE
Venetian Plaster, Marble Dust and Lime based paint, Wall Finishes

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Giorgio Graesan Oro Brochure
Colore & Oro is a product available in 107 shades. Composed of gold mother-of-pearl flakes, warm your walls with iridescent golden reflections.

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Giorgio Graesan Spirito Libero Brochure
wall paint, Decorative plasters and wall finishes. Two coats of compacted Spirito Libero give simple but very Elegant and Aesthetic aspect to the wall. Lime, Marble Powder, Natural minerals, Water, Beeswax, Natural soaps and possibly a pearly acrylic finish make up Spirito Libero and Seduzioni.

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Giorgio Graesan Venetian Plaster GIOIA 2019 Brochure
Gioia pearlescent paint, composed of flakes of silver nacre, illuminates your walls with iridescent reflections. Specialist wall finishes.

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Giorgio Graesan White Paint CASUAL
White Paint, Venetian Plaster

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La Casa dei Sogni Giorgio Graesan Italian Plaster
Giorgio Graesan Venetian Plaster

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Nikkolor Metallika Brochure
Specialist wall finishes. •Perla d'Oriente single component metallic/pearlescent decorative wall finish. •Metallika Metallic effect decorative finish is used as finishing for gilding of walls (gold leaf effect), as finishing of details for columns or plaster frames, such as wall finishing with highly visible polished steel effect. •Emotions venetian plaster effect wall finishes.

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Spatula Stuhhi Italian Plaster HIGH LIGHT 2019
Spatula Stuhhi Highlight decorative italian plasters.

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Surfina Neoquarz Paint
Neoquarz, composed of quartz microgranules, creates a water repellent barrier against rain and humidity, reducing water absorption inside the wall. Neoquartz micronised quartz Exterior masonry paints.

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