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1. Ancon Wall Ties and Restraint Fixings
wall ties and restraint fixings

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2. Ancon Tension & Compression Systems

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6. Staifix Cavity Wall Ties with Double Multi-Drips
Stainless Steel Cavity Wall Ties

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7. Staifix Insofast ISF 18A Insulated Plasterboard Fixing
Anchors for drywall and insulated plasterboard

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8. Ancon Staifix Wire Balloons
Chimney bird guards

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a. Ancon Staifix Complete Guide to Wall Ties and Restraint Fixings v15
Stainless Steel Wall Ties and Restraint Fixings

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Ancon 25/14 Restraint System
Ancon, Wall Ties, Masonry, Brickwork, Restraint System, Steel Frame, Channel, 25/14 Channel, SD25 Wall Tie, Concrete frame

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Ancon Corner Guards
Corner Guards offer protection to exposed edges of columns and walls in areas of high traffic such as car parks, warehouses, hospitals etc

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Ancon DSD/ESD Shear Load Connectors
Ancon DSD/ESD Shear Load Connectors

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Ancon Eazistrip Reinforcement Continuity Systems

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Ancon Engineered Fixing Solutions for the Tunnelling Industry
Engineered Fixing Solutions, Fabricated in Stainless Steels

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Ancon Four Ways to Suspend Create Brick Soffits
Suspended Brickwork

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Ancon Lockable Dowels
Temporary Movement Joints, Post tensioned concrete, lockable dowel, shear load connector

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Ancon Low Thermal Conductivity Wall Ties TeploTie Range

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Ancon Masonry Support Systems and Lintels
Masonry Support Systems and Lintels

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Ancon Minimise Thermal Bridging: Product Introduction

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Ancon Product Guide
12-page Product Guide. Fixing Solutions for the Construction Industry.

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Ancon Refractory Fixings
refractory fixings

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Ancon Reinforcing Bar Couplers
reinforcing bar couplers

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Ancon Reinforcing Bar Couplers for Cryogenic Applications
The Ancon CTT range of tapered-thread couplers has been designed for use where cryogenic-grade reinforcing bar is being used. Typical construction projects include liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tanks to EN 14620-3.

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Ancon Reinforcing Large Format Stack-Bonded Masonry
Brickwork support systems

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Ancon Shearfix Punching Shear Reinforcement
Concrete Reinforcement

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Ancon STAISIL HLD Acoustic Shear Dowels
Innovative, high performance, easy-to-install, Acoustic Dowel to dampen impact noise in multi-storey developments by decoupling concrete components, replacing rigid floor connections at locations such as stairs, landings and walkways

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Ancon The Use of Stainless Steel in Construction
Stainless steel building products ensure a high degree of corrosion resistance without requiring additional protection and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long service life.

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CB Coupler Box and CS Coupler Strip Reinforcement Continuity Systems
Ancon CB Coupler Boxes simplify the continuity of reinforcement at concrete construction joints

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Channel and Bolt Fixings
Channel and bolt fixings for the construction industry

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E-HLD Shear Load Connectors
The Ancon E-HLD joins new concrete slabs to existing concrete walls. It is designed to transfer shear load where new slabs are connected to diaphragm walls or secant pile walls in basement construction

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KSN Anchor Reinforcement Continuity Systems
Ancon KSN Anchors, in combination with Bartec Plus parallel-threaded reinforcing bars, simplify concrete construction joints.

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Nexus Next Generation Brick Faced Support Systems
Feature brick faced soffits

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Staifix Insofast ISF 18A Insulated Plasterboard Fixing
Anchors for drywall and insulated plasterboard

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Staifix Wall Ties
Cavity wall ties

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Windposts and Masonry Reinforcement
Strengthening masonry panels.

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