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Hormann 48930 Automotive Industrial Doors
Automotive Industrial Doors

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Hormann 84299 Steel Fire-Rated Doors to British Standard
Steel Fire-Rated Doors to British Standard Single and double-leaf doors in a matching appearance - with Environmental Product Declaration EPD

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Hormann 84477 Sliding Gates
Sliding Gates Self-supporting construction, high security standards, completely pre-assembled

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Hormann 84555 Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles
Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles

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Hormann 84563 Aluminium and Steel Tubular Frame Construction Project Doors HE / HL
Aluminium and Steel Tubular Frame Construction Project Doors HE / HL

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Hormann 84894 High-Speed Doors
Flexible high-speed door with ATEX protection

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Hormann 85013 Steel Frames for Solid Walls & Partition Walls
Steel Frames solution for fitting in solid walls and partition walls

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Hormann 85730 MZ Multi-Purpose Door
MZ Multi-Purpose Door, High-quality steel doors for internal and external applications

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Hormann 86278 Loading Technology Bay
Sustainable logistics with intelligent docking systems

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Hormann 86311 Products for Construction Projects
Industrial door systems Loading technology Internal and external doors Fire-proof elements Box frame parts

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Hormann 86463 STS / STU Steel and Stainless Steel Doors
Flush doors and thick rebate doors for demanding architecture

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Hormann 86465 Industrial Sectional Doors
Industrial Sectional Doors

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Hormann 86466 Rollmatic Rolling Grille
Roller Grilles compact design, optimal for store grilles in confined spaces

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Hormann 86469 Sports Hall Doors SP500
Doors with elastic impact surface NEW: Fitting behind the lintel for additional clear passage height

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Hormann 86672 Entrance Doors
Stainless steel aluminium entrance doors ThermoPlan Hybrid and ThermoSafe Hybrid

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Hormann 86972 Double and Collective Garage Doors
Door Systems for Collective Garages Doors, operators and controls from a single source

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Hormann 86988 Wheel-Blocking System MWB Workplace safety
Wheel-Blocking System MWB Workplace safety at loading points

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Hörmann UK 87413 ShopRoller Door SR

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Hörmann UK 87131 Perimeter Protection Systems
Bollards, road blockers, tyre killers Global innovation: High Security bollard with electromechanical operator

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Hörmann UK 87256 FlexFire Fire Protection Curtain
Textile fire protection for construction projects and industrial buildings for inconspicuous integration

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Hörmann UK introduces new style of sectional garage door
Europe’s leading door manufacturer, Hörmann UK, is transforming sectional garage doors with the launch of its new aluminium frame sectional garage door (ART 42).

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Hörmann UK launches new Training Academy and Showroom
As one of the UK’s only manufacturers to offer in depth, tailored training programmes for both its employees and customers, leading manufacturer Hörmann UK is taking this dedication a step further with the launch of its new Training Academy. Based at its headquarters in Coalville, Leicester, the brand new facility will be opening from April, offering comprehensive training that reflects the commitment of its German counterpart, which places significant importance on the learning process. Offering a diverse range of training for all products across its domestic and industrial portfolios, the training is supported by its new state-of-the-art-showroom, which houses its latest innovations and variations across both industry sectors. With a range of seminars available, the Basic Sales and Product Training is designed to give the attendees confidence in every aspect of Hörmann, providing an introduction into all aspects of the industrial and domestic products ranges. These sessions are specifically designed for Hörmann partners and their employees who wish to receive training on their knowledge of the doors and operators range. The seminar also provides an overview of installation requirements, along with in depth explanations of each door’s unique features, benefits and key selling points. Hörmann is also offering Domestic Fitter Training, where professionals will learn how to fit Canopy, Retractable, RollMatic and Sectional doors on Z spring and N track. The seminars are hosted as two-day courses with an overnight stay and evening meal free of charge and can be modified, depending on the professional’s individual requirements. The Industrial Training provides professionals with all the necessary information they require to install Hörmann UK’s leading range of High Speed Curtain Doors, High Speed Sectional Doors, Sectional Doors and Roller Shutters. It is also supported by additional training on the servicing, maintenance and fault finding of the above products, along with Hörmann UK’s robust Dock Levellers.   Individuals will also receive training on the key features and benefits offered by each of the ranges, enabling professionals to promote the key features to potential and existing customers with ease. Wolfgang Gorner, Managing Director at Hörmann UK, said: “Here at Hörmann UK we place significant importance on not only the quality of our products, but the quality of our sales, installation and servicing. This is why we have launched our new Training Academy to provide professionals with hands-on experience of how to correctly install, service and maintain our market leading solutions. “We work hard to maintain a strong relationship with our nationwide team of distributors and installers to ensure the end customer receives a first class finish. The opening of our latest Academy and Showroom will enable us to further develop this, ensuring we offer the UK industrial and domestic market the highest standard in training, advice and high quality products.” For further information on Hörmann UK’s training offering, call 01530 516850 or visit: -ENDS-

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