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1. Procter Cast Stone Brochure 2020
Cast Stone specialists Architectural Cast Stone, Cast Stone Fabrications

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2. Procter Cast Stone Guide for Architect
A Guide to Cast Stone Products for Architects and Specifiers

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3. Procter Contracts Brochure
Fencing, Automatic Gates and Street Furniture

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4. Procter Cast Stone Drawing Pack
cast stone drawings and technical info

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5. Procter Cast Stone Association Technical Manual

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6. Procter Cast Stone Installation

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8. Procter Cast Stone Brochure
Cast Stone specialists, Architectural Cast Stone, Cast Stone Fabrications

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a. Case Study - Cast stone architectural features used for property extension
Cast Stone walling, balustrade, window surrounds, string courses, treads, copings and band courses dormer windows

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b. Case Study - Cast stone replica balustrade
This was a relatively simply project for us replacing the original, but time-worn balustrade with cast stone replicas on this important grade 1 listed building.

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c.Case Study - Cast stone architectural features for house development
Cast Stone window surrounds, column cladding, copings and pier caps, Purpose made Success This is a good example of how cast stone architectural features can also be used on relatively modern buildings, rather than just the more traditional.

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d. Cast stone architectural features for world-class equine
Cast Stone Portico Together the house and equine facility incorporated 185 window and door surrounds and hundreds of metres of coping. Other components included arches, spheres, pier caps and keystones. This was a major project, with representatives from Procter Cast Stone attending more than 20 site meetings. Project management was also more complex than usual because the architect was based in Germany and Procter reported directly to the owner in matters relating to the equine facility and to a contractor for matters relating to the house. Where appropriate, the cast stone for the equine facility house was manufactured with rebar reinforcement and threaded bosses to accept lifting eyes for ease of on-site handling. In fact some of the cast stone units were extremely large, with the heaviest weighing 330kg. To ensure that the installation went as smoothly as possible, all of the cast stone units were uniquely identified and detailed unit location plans were provided. In addition, deliveries were scheduled to suit the site requirements, so the cast stone units were not stored on site for any longer than necessary. Success Procter Cast Stone has completed a prestigious project to design, manufacture and supply cast stone components for the construction of a very large equine facility and the renovation of the owner's substantial house on the same site on Horsham, Surrey. All components were bespoke cast stone, and the project was delivered on time and to budget. Prestigious projects of this nature require very high quality standards. Procter Cast Stone adheres to BS 1217 (Cast stone. Specification) and is a Full Member of UKCSA (the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association), so design and manufacture also comply with the UKCSA Technical Manual for Cast Stone. Furthermore, the company manufactures its moulds in-house because this helps in maintaining tight control over quality. Quality was one factor behind Procter Cast Stone winning this contract, while other reason included price, technical support and outstanding customer service.

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e.Case Study - Cast stone for new wine retail unit
Cast Stone walling, quoins and copings

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f.Case Study - Replicates of post office stone on new house building
Cast Stone replication of window surrounds, quoins, ashlar walling blocks, copings and a dentil course around the top of the building. One special requirement was that the stone had to replicate that of an post office in Whitney, Oxfordshire, which the architectural design of the new building would also broadly follow. Through several meetings between our in-house-designers and the client, we provided full working drawings for his approval. With the drawings approved, our pattern-makers then expertly turned them into casting moulds, whilst still working closely with the design department to ensure that the finished products would be exactly as required. Then with the casting moulds complete and perfect we went into production, and subsequently delivered to site a total 15 tonnes of ashlar walling and over 14 tonnes of other cast stone products. Project Notes This is a classic example of how high quality cast stone is far more cost-effective and practical compared to natural stone, whilst still looking entirely convincing. Once again, we showed why we are the market leaders in replication original stone features and recreating them in a semi-dry cast stone.

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g. Case Study - Cast stone architectural features used to match adjacent building
Cast Stone cills, heads, jambs, mullions, highly detailed feature units, string course and door and window surrounds,

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h. Case Study - Cast stone replicates old stone architectural features
Cast Stone copings and corbel blocks

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i.Case Study Procter Cast Stone Cills
cast stone cills, commercial

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j.Case Study - Cast stone architectural features used with natural stone
cast stone internal and external window surrounds, quoins, copings and corbels. Project Notes By single residential property standards, this was a significant project for us and we supplied approximately 50 tonnes of cast stone product in total. The finished result perfectly demonstrates how cast stone architectural features can be combined very successfully with natural stone.

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k. Case Study - Cast stone used as the main building material
Cast Stone walling, balustrade, head, cills, string courses, eaves course, chimney cappings

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l. Case Study - Flood Alleviation Scheme
We manufactured robust bespoke wall copings and facing blocks with a textured appearance. Having had previous experience with working on many flood alleviation schemes throughout the UK, we worked closely with the specifiers and our client to ensure that the stone was functional as well as sympathetic to the environment. During the time spent on this project, we supplied over 350,000.00 tonnes of stone for this project that will serve to protect the residents for years to come.

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NBS Plus - Arches
Standard cast stone arches are ideal for any project, tastefully adding aesthetic appeal. In addition, bespoke entrance arches can be manufactured, based on architects' specifications. For renovation projects, replicating an existing natural stone arch with a cast stone arch is straightforward and accurate colour matching can be ensured. Procter Cast Stone provide standard cast stone arches, and will also produce cast stone arches in any design.

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NBS Plus - Ashlar
Cast stone products are typically more cost effective than the quarried stone alternatives, but for stone wall cladding, and in particular ashlar walling, this is especially so. The reason that cast stone cladding is so much more cost effective than real stone cladding is that natural stone ashlar walling has to be sawn to very precise tolerances and then the surface needs to be smoothed to remove any production marks. It can then be laid with joints as small as 3 mm and therefore appears almost seamless. As cast stone walling can be created in virtually any colour, it can be used in restoration projects in place of selected original stone cladding. This process is much more cost-effective than using natural stone cladding, and the end result will typically look every bit as good.

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NBS Plus - Balustrades
Balustrades are used for creating beautiful interior and exterior features for use in commercial and residential projects including hotels, shopping centres, private and residential homes. Balustrades are supplied pre-drilled to accept stainless steel location dowels.

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NBS Plus - Bay Cills
Cast stone bay cills for windows, available as either a 45° or 90° cill set, and in all Procter Cast Stone cill types.

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NBS Plus - Cills
Cast stone window cills come in four different standard types and lengths. Procter Cast Stone have a range of standard cast stone window cills that can be supplied in a wide range of colours.

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NBS Plus - Copings
An ideal choice for new and existing walls. Replacing natural stone wall copings with cast stone for a restoration project is a more cost effective and quicker option over natural stone. Proctor Cast Stone can expertly replicate and accurately colour match as the texture and finish of cast stone is so authentic, so that the end result will look almost indistinguishable from natural stone. Typically our copings are used in residential, commercial, parks & recreation along with civils work such as flood defence. As with all our projects we are happy to accommodate bespoke designs.

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NBS Plus - Corbels
A corbel is a stone which protrudes from a wall and is used to support a structure above it such as a balcony or canopy. Stone corbels were used extensively in European architecture from the 16th century onwards. This means that the renovation of very old properties will often require stone corbels to be replaced. Although corbels are more typically used on new builds and self-build projects where the property is in a traditional design, more contemporary buildings also use cast stone corbels with simple sleek lines. Proctor Cast Stone have a complete range of standard cast stone corbels which can be produced in a wide number of colours and can be matched to other architectural features produced, such as cornices and keystones.

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NBS Plus - Cornice
A cornice is a horizontal projection which completes the top of a building. Historically and as their function, cornices were used on buildings to divert rain water away from the walls. The standard range of cast stone cornice products are used in new build developments and self-build projects, but if a bespoke design of cornice is required Proctor Cast Stone are able to produce and supply this. Rather than incurring considerable additional expense on a natural stone cornice, many architects now specify cast stone versions. The cast stone process allows for any intricate detail from the original natural stone cornice to be accurately replicated, plus the colour matched to the original and/ or remaining stonework.

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NBS Plus - Door Surrounds
Cast stone, face-fixed door surrounds which can be fitted to any type of building.

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NBS Plus - Flood Defence Copings
Cast stone flood defence copings.

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NBS Plus - Keystones
Cast stone keystones, generally used to finish arches around windows and entrances.

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NBS Plus - Pier Caps & Spheres
Pier caps are stones that cap piers and gate pillars. A pier cap can be used on its own, or sit underneath a sphere, finial or other feature. From a functional perspective, pier caps help protect the pier or gate pillar from weather damage but are also aesthetically pleasing. Where old piers or gate pillars are being restored, replacing existing natural stone pier caps with cast stone pier caps is the most cost-effective solution. The cast stone replacement with its authentic finish and colour will look as good as natural stone. Procter Cast Stone Pier caps provide a great finishing touch to a gate post, pillar or pier. Standard cast stone pier caps are available, plus bespoke pier caps in any design and to complement existing or new wall copings.

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NBS Plus - Pillars & Columns
Cast stone columns and pillars for both internal and external use.

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NBS Plus - Pool Surrounds
Cast stone pool surrounds, used both internally and externally.

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NBS Plus - Porticos
Stone porticos create an impressive entrance to a property. Adding a portico makes a great statement, adding kerb appeal at the entrance of a property with the benefit of providing shelter from the weather.

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NBS Plus - Quoins
Stone quoins are the stones which form the corner of a building and can be both structural and for visual effect, or just the latter. In an architectural sense, quoins are typically used to create a feeling of strength and as a visual frame to a building. The cast stone process allows for total consistency of building products in terms of size, quality and finish.

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NBS Plus - Steps
Cast stone steps for both interior and exterior applications. Suitable for new builds and renovation projects.

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NBS Plus - String Course
String course, also known as a band course, is used as a horizontal feature within a wall. Procter Cast Stone string courses help break up large expanses of brickwork. A string course can either be installed flush with the wall, or in some instances the design may dictate that it projects slightly.

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NBS Plus - Window Heads
A window head is the single stone which spans the aperture above a window and a door head spanning the aperture above the door. These are non-structural decorative features that enhance the visual appearance of a project. Proctor Cast Stone standard cast stone window heads and door heads are generally suitable for new build projects and self-build, though for building renovations bespoke window heads and door heads may be required. There are an extensive range of standard window heads and door heads and these can be supplied in a wide choice of colours.

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NBS Plus - Window Surrounds
Cast stone window surrounds, which can comprise cills, heads, mullions and jambs. Compatible with aluminium, timber and PVC-U windows.

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What Can Procter Cast Stone Do For You Leaflet

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