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Acoustic Design Solutions Education Brochure 100296
Acoustic ceiling and wall panels for classroom and educational applications. Sound absorbing and air purifying gypsum plasterboards and panels. Visona, Belgravia, Contur, Plaza, Corridor400, Tectopanel, Adit, Akustikpanel, Danopanel, Contrapanel, Solopanel, Stratopanel, Danotile, Drypanel, Cleaneo Technology.

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Acoustic Design Solutions Healthcare Brochure 100297
Acoustic ceiling and wall panels for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Sound absorbing and air purifying gypsum plasterboards and panels. Hygienic ceiling tiles. Belgravia, Contur, Plaza, Corridor400, Tectopanel, Akustikpanel, Contrapanel, Solopanel, Danotile, Drypanel, Cleaneo Technology.

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Aquapanel Cement Board Indoor Brochure 100167
ideal for use in wet indoor areas, from swimming pools and spas through to bathrooms, wet rooms and communal showers, Knauf AQUAPANEL Interior Ceiling

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AQUAPANEL Exterior Brochure
Cement board for exterior applications

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AQUAPANEL External Soffit Lining Brochure
Aquapanel External Soffit Lining

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AQUAPANEL Interior Ceiling System Brochure
Interior Ceiling System for Wet Indoor Areas

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Board Range Brochure - KML100229
Boards, Plaster boards,cement particle boards,cement boards, acoustic boards

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Complete Jointing Range Leaflet KML100232
Powdered and Readymixed Jointing, Tapes and Beads

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Conni S Addi S Finishes Leaflet
ready-mixed organic-based thin coat finish offering excellent colour longevity, ready-mixed silicone-based texture finish which is suitable for use in most coastal areas.

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Curvex Acoustic Ceiling & Wall Lining Tiles
An expansive selection of acoustic ceiling and wall lining tiles with different expressions, design opportunities and acoustic profiles

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Designboard Brochure
High performance decorative panels with a non-combustible core for ceilings and walls. Non-Combustible Decorative Panels with Laminate, wood veneer, digital printed, primed, varnished and painted surface options. Decorative machined 3D surface designs.

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Easy Plaster Brochure
Lightweight, ready-mixed plaster for repairing walls and ceilings

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GIFAfloor Booklet
Load bearing partial-access door systems with high dimensional stability

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Insulating Laminates Brochure
Enhances thermal insulation of walls and warm roofs.

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KML Presto Leaflet 100170
Traditional lime-based external scratch render. Through-Coloured monocouche Renders

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Knauf Windliner Brochure
external sheathing board ideal for use with steel infill systems

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MineralAktiv Leaflet
Biocide Free exterior render system which provides advanced protection against algae and fungi on the façade of a building.

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Perforated Plasterboard Brochure
acoustic ceilings and walls. Perforated plasterboard reduces noise reverberation with tested and proven sound absorption performance. All Knauf perforated plasterboards are supplied with the Cleaneo air cleaning effect to reduce in-air VOCs and pollutants.

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Premium Powdered Jointing leaflet
Fast setting multipurpose gypsum-based compounds for bedding tapes, beads and joints. Joint fillers, joint filling compounds.

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Render Only Solutions Brochure
Knauf Marmorit render only solutions can be used to create superb water resistant finishes to a large range of substrates

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Safeboard Brochure
Lead Free X-Ray Plasterboard

Published [09/04/21]File size [1890 KB]

Silentboard Brochure
drywall acoustic performance

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Through Wall Brochure 100334
Knauf ThroughWall exterior wall infill panel systems

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w. Case Study Carlton Academy
The refurbishment of Carlton Academy includes the construction and fit out of a new detached teaching block with classrooms, an office and toilets, along with an additional car parking area.

Published [12/05/21]File size [614 KB]

w. Case Study Centre for Student Life
Cardiff University is undergoing its biggest campus upgrade in a generation with a new Centre for Student Life at its heart. This iconic building uses Knauf Curvex to help bring the architect’s vision to life. The Centre for Student Life will provide a focal point for the campus and a new home for student support services.

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w. Case Study Middlewood Lock
For such an important development, it was essential to use a high-quality product that was also cost-efficient. That is why sub contractor SCS chose to use Knauf Windliner instead of the originally specified traditional cement-based material.

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w. Case Study St Josephs Primary School
Rebuilding the 420-pupil primary school proved a major refurbishment project.

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w. Case Study St Loyes Extra Care Scheme
The stand-out product for the drywall contractor was the time-saving Knauf Deflection Head Fire Seal (DHFS).

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w. Case Study Stag House
Wates Construction has specified Knauf Airless for a fast, high-quality finish throughout Stag House, a new £7m housing development in Putney.

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w. Case Study The Wave
Buckingham Group has specified Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor on the lively, fun interior of a new £25m indoor waterpark in Coventry.

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