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1. PAM - Pre-Assembly Brochure
PAM Pre-Assembled SoilStacks. PAM's new pre-assembly service for the Ensign cast iron above ground drainage system. Soil pipes and fittings. Soil stack design

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1. PAM Soil and Drain Product Manual August 2018
Cast Iron above and below ground gravity drainage systems. Drainage pipes and fittings. Soil and Rainwater Systems. Ensign, EeziFit, Timesaver1, Timesaver2, TimesaverHeritage, VortX, Eureka, Cregeen.

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PAM Building Above Ground Drainage Section 1
Drainage Pipes and Fittings, Soil Pipes and fittings.

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PAM Building Agilium Brochure - August Edition
Light Cast Iron Pipes 99% Recycled Metal

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PAM Building Below Ground Drainage Section 2
Cast Iron Drainage Systems.

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PAM Building Classical Rainwater Price List 1st Jan 2023
Classical cast iron rainwater pipe and gutter systems

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PAM Building July - Aug 23 Price List
Cast Iron Soil Pipes and Fittings. Drainage Pipes. Rainwater systems

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PAM Building VortX - Roof, Floor and Shower Drainage Section 9
Roof Drainage, Floor Drainage, Shower Drainage.

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PAM Cast Iron for Commercial and Mixed Residental Buildings
Cast iron drainage pipes and fittings. Sanitary soul and waste, and vent and rainwater pipework. Timesaver, Ensign. EEZIFIT. VortX.

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PAM Classical Rainwater Leaflet Oct 18 rev
Classical cast iron rainwater pipes. Cast iron gutters. Cast Iron Soil Pipes. ClassicalPlus. Timesaver Heritage.

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PAM Customer Service Team Soil and Drain - Jan 2022

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PAM Section 10 Timesaver Drainage
drainage pipes, soil pipes

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PAM Social Housing Flyer
Drainage Replacement Service

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PAM Soil Drain Pocket Guide
Cast Iron Soil Pipes and Fittings. Drainage Pipes. Rainwater systems. Ensign, EeziFit, Timesaver, Classical Plus, VortX.

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PAM Stainless Steel High Performance Coupling Datasheet
Ensign Stainless steel couplings. These pipe couplers have a patented seal that eliminates the risk of leakage.

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PAM Timesaver Cast Iron Drainage Brochure
Timesaver cast iron drainage systems. Cast Iron drainage pipes and fittings. Soil Pipes. Timesaver Heritage, VortX, Eureka, Cregeen,

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